Macbeth act 1

Scotland The play opens in what country?
A disturbance in nature What is perturbation in nature?
Thunder and lightning What disturbances in nature always accompany the appearance of the witches?
Enemy to the king Who was MacDonwald?
Cuts him open and beheads him What does Macbeth do to MacDonwald?
Powerful, Ruthless, Leader Give three adjectives to describe Macbeth as he is seen at the beginning of the play.
Norway Scotland is fighting with what country in scene 1 of act 1?
The king of Scotland Who is Duncan?
Malcume Who is Duncan’s eldest son?
Donaldbain Who is Duncan’s youngest son?
Macbeth Who was Bellona’s bridegroom?
He is symbolically the king of war What does this phrase mean?
Sweno Who was the king of Norway?
Pay 10,000 $ What condition did Sweno have to meet before the Scottish nobleman would let him bury his dead men?
Traitor What is discovered about the Thane of Cowdor?
Macbeth To whom does Duncan give the title of Thane of Cowdor to?
Ambition What is Macbeth’s fatal flaw?
Thane of Glomis, Thane of Cowdor, and king thereafter In what three ways do the witches greet Macbeth?
Kids will be kings What do the witches tell Banquo?
Macbeth’s father Who was Sinel?
He is shocked How does Macbeth react to the announcement that he is Thane of Cowdor?
They vanish When Macbeth demands the witches to tell him where they got this information, what do they do?
Be careful they could be tricking you What caution does Banquo tell Macbeth about what the witches have prophesied?
Prince of Cumberlin What title does Duncan bestow upon his eldest son Malcolm?
Inverness Where is Macbeth’s castle?
Forres Where is king Duncan’s castle?
Letter How does Macbeth inform his wife of the strange happenings?
Dark spirits Whom does Lady Macbeth call upon to make her less womanly?
Kingsman and subjects, Duncan’s host, good king For what reasons does Macbeth not want to kill Duncan?
Vaulting ambition The only reason Macbeth has for killing Duncan?
She calls him a coward How does Lady Macbeth convince her husband to go through with the assassination?
Smear them with blood How do they plan to make the guards look guilty?
Drug them How do they plan to get past the guards?
They love him How do the characters in act 1 feel about Macbeth?
Brave loyal soldier and ruthless murderer What two contrasting views of Macbeth are presented in act 1?
Nice guy, good king, to trusting What quality of Duncan as seen I Act 1?
Long speech portrayed emotion What is a soliloquy?
Short speech What is an aside?
So fair and fouls a day What does Macbeth repeat about the weather which the witches before had also said?
Innocent as a flower but be the serpent underneath Lady Macbeth caution Macbeth that he must alway look how?
Red and black What two colors tend to shadow every act of this play?
Blood What does red symbolize?
Death What does black symbolize?

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