Macbeth act 1-5

For whom are the witches waiting? Macbeth
What is King Duncan’s reaction to the news that Cawdor is a traitor? What will happen to his title? He wants to kill him. The title goes to Macbeth.
How did the witches greet Macbeth? They call him by his current title, they call him by his title that he doesn’t know he has yet, and they call him king.
What productions do the witches make? That Macbeth will be king and Banquo will be the father of kings.
Do Macbeth and Banquo have the same reaction to Rosses news? No, banquo was more cautious
What kind of person is Duncan? He’s kind, trusting, all around good guy
What announcement is made about Malcolm? What is Macbeth’s reaction? He’s going to become king; Macbeth is surprise
How did Lady Macbeth find out about the witches prophecies? A messenger delivered a letter to her, written by her husband.
What is Lady Macbeth’s main concern about her husband? He is too nice to kill Duncan.
Did you find it amusing that lady Macbeth was so pleasant to Dunkin? Why? Because she really wants Duncan to be killed so that her and Macbeth can have the throne.
How willing is Macbeth to go along with Lady Macbeth’s plan for him to attain the throne? He is not willing to kill the King.
How does Lady Macbeth convince Macbeth to murder Duncan? She called him a coward and then says he’s not a man.
What does McBeth want to discuss of Banquo? What is Banquos reply? The witches;he doesn’t want to get involved
What horrifying vision appears the Macbeth? A dagger floating in the air before him with the handle pointing toward his hand and the tip is toward Duncan.
Why didn’t Lady Macbeth kill Duncan herself? Who did? Duncan reminded her of her father; macbeth
Right after the murder, how do Lady Macbeth and Macbeth act? Lady Macbeth was calm but Macbeth was anxious and felt guilty
Who comes to the castle early the next morning? Macduff and Lennox
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
How do lady Macbeth and Macbeth try to avoid suspicion? They act surprised. Lady Macbeth pretends to faint and Macbeth kills the chamberlains.
Who are Malcolm and Donalbain? Where do they go? They are the kings sons. Malcolm goes to England, and Donalbain goes to Ireland.
Who will be king now? Macbeth
What does Macbeth decide about Banquo? He decides that he is a threat and vows to kill him. He feels that all his work has benefited Banquo. He is afraid of Banquo.
What happens when the murders meet Banquo and Fleance? They kill Banquo and Fleance flees.
What a surprise guest do the Macbeth’s have for dinner? What problem does he cause? Banquos ghost; he completely ruins the dinner, so Macbeth goes insane.
Who is Hecate? What is her significance? The main witch; she casts a spell on Macbeth to lead him to his doom.
Where has McDuff gone? Why? He has gone to England to find King Edward to help restore Scotland and it’s rightful heir.
Why is Macbeth so anxious to find the witches? Do you think he’s making a mistake? He wants to know who else might be a threat to him. Yes, he’s going to die.
Describe the apparations and their messages. 1. The floating helmeted head- BEWARE MACDUFF2. Bloody child- no person will kill Macbeth 3. He is safe until the Birnamwood moves toward Dunsianne
How does Macbeth decide to retaliate against McDuff? He sends murders to kill off Macduffs family.
What does Malcolm need in the way of assurance from McDuff? He needed to be totally convinced of Macduffs loyalty.
How has the English king offered to help defeat Macbeth? He offers him a 1000 men army led by old Siward.
How has lady Macbeth changed since she was first seen the play? What habits as she developed? She begins to sleepwalk, she’s close to a nervous break down and continuously washes her hands of imaginary blood. She used to have killer instinct and was strong
Wire Macbeth’s robes said to “hang loose about him”? He doesn’t fit the shoes of being a good King
Why is Macbeth so sure nothing bad will happen to him? He’s continuing on the prophecies, especially the one from the second apparition.
What clues do the soldiers activities give you that Macbeth may be wrong? His own soldiers are not fighting the oncoming enemies.
What finally happens to Lady Macbeth? She commits suicide
Why is Macbeth so confident young Siward won’t kill him? Because he was born from a woman
What’s the prize does Macduff spring on Macbeth? Macduff tells Macbeth that he was ultimately ripped from his other A.K.A.C section
What does Macduff bring to Malcolm? He brings Macbeth’s head to Malcolm
Who will now be king of Scotland? Malcolm