Macbeth Act 1

Where do the witches say they will meet macbeth? Upon the heath-uncultivated plains
How do the witches speak? In rhyme,each witch has something to say three times,paradox
Paradox statement that seems to contradict itself or to be impossible, but is actually true
What is the meaning of “Fair is Foul,Foul is Fair” (paradox) What is good is bad and what is bad is good
What is the meaning of “When the battle’s lost and won” (paradox) There is always a winner and always a loser in a battle. OR you may win the battle but you lost a piece of yourself
What were the two fighting countries? Norway and Scotland
Who is the King of Scotland? Duncan
Who is Macdonald? How did he die? Macdonald was the leader of Norway. Macbeth was brave and disemboweled him and beheaded him.
How are Duncan and Macbeth related? They are cousins
What did Ross reveal? Thane of Cawdor is a traitor and gave the title to Macbeth and ordered the execution of the thane of cawdor.
Dramatic Irony A circumstance in which the audience or reader knows more about a situation than a character.
Macbeth doesn’t know that he will thane of cawdor yet the readers do…what is that an example of? dramatic irony
Why did the first witch curse the woman’s husband? She didn’t give the witch nuts
“So foul and fair a day I have not seen” Macbeth felt good but the day itself wasn’t good (paradox)
How do they greet Macbeth? How did he react? by calling him the Thane of Glamis and the Thane of Cawdor. He acted surprised because he wasn’t the thane of cawdor yet
What are prophecies the witches told Banquo? What was his reaction? his descendants will be kings but he won’t be. Banquo is cautious
What are the prophecies the witches told Macbeth? What was his reaction? He will be king hereafter. He realized that he wants to be king hereafter but the only way to receive that title he has to kill Duncan.
Who does Duncan name Prince of Cumberland? How does that affect macbeth? He names his son, Malcolm that title which means he will be the next one to inherit the throne. But Macbeth can’t just simply kill Duncan and Malcolm because it would look suspicious
“There is no art to find the mind’s construction in the face” Duncan meant that you cannot read one’s thoughts by just looking at their face. Their appearance can be deceiving
Soliloquy speech by one actor alone on the stage to the audience
Aside A dramatic convention by which an actor directly addresses the audience but it is not supposed to be heard by the other actors on the stage.
Who does Lady Macbeth receive a letter from? What is the letter about? A letter from Macbeth which discussed his meeting with the witches, and his new title
What is the difference in form between the letter she is reading and her soliloquy? The letter is prose and her soliloquy is poetry
What did Lady Macbeth fear about Macbeth? What does she do about it? That he is too kind to kill Duncan, he has the ambition but no menace to do the job. She wants to persuade Macbeth and transfer her thoughts to him
Lady Macbeth wishes what? That she can be more of a man, to be less feminine to take the action to kill Duncan
“Look like an innocent flower but have the serpent underneath it” Said by Lady Macbeth. It relates to Duncan saying no one has the skill to read someone’s mind and fair is foul and foul is fair. It means to put a mask on, to hide your true intentions
How does lady Macbeth act when Duncan and Banquo come to their castle? Innocent -ironic when she really wants to kill Duncan
What was Banquo’s purpose in that scene 6? to show that he has no idea what Macbeth’s evil plan is
Dramatic Foil a character who contrasts with another character in order to highlight particular qualities of the other character. can be exact opposite of each other or very similar except for crucial difference
Juxtaposition putting two things right next to each other to compare them up close
What were macbeth’s three reasons not to kill Duncan? Duncan is a good king, duncan is his kinsman and macbeth is his subject, and he is duncan’s host
What was Macbeth’s only reason to kill Duncan his ambition
how did lady macbeth react when macbeth didn’t want to kill Duncan anymore? She insulted his masculinity and told him she would smash her own child’s brains in order to complete her task. At her most feminine and delicate moment, she is more of a man than he is
What was their plan to kill Duncan? Make the guards drunk, while Duncan is asleep then steal the guards’ dagger and kill Duncan. Smear the blood on the guards and return the dagger to make it seem that the guards did it.
What did Macbeth tell his wife? To bring forth only sons because there is no way she could bear daughters