macbeth act 1

who is fighting whom? list the characters on both sides of the conflict Norway: Macdonalwald, fortune, Thane of Cawdor, King SwenoScotland: Duncan, Malcolm, Donalbain, Macbeth, Banquo, Ross, Lennox
what is the cause of the battle
how do the witches, even in scene 1, establish their supernatural powers shapeshift into animals (established their powers this way)
explain the comparison the captain makes in lines 7-9 of scene 2 comparison of 2 armies to 2 struggling swimmers
why does king duncan pronounce the death sentence on macdonwald Macdonwald was killed by Macbeth
what “charm” are the witches casting at the beginning of the scene? why making a storm on sea for woman who won’t share her chestnuts–> her husband is on the sea
what about the witches’ greeting startles macbeth they know who he is and his prophecies
what, exactly, do they prophesy for macbeth and banquo Macbeth: Thane of Glamis, Thane of Cawdor, KingBanquo: no so great but greater, no so happy but happier, sons will be kings but not him
how does their prophecy immediately begin to come true Ross refers to Macbeth as Thane of Cawdor
an aside is a dramatic convention in which characters voice their thoughts, but other characters on stage cannot hear them. why does macbeth begin to talk about murder in his aside in lines 129-141? whose murder realizes he either has to hop over people to become king, or take matters into his own hands by killing them
what does macbeth tell duncan (in scene 4, lines 22-27) about the duties of a king and his subjects states his loyalty and that thanes must receive duties from the king and perform them to protect society
where are the king and his followers headed at the end of scene 4? why to Macbeth’s–> party for declaring Malcolm as Duncan’s successor
what does macbeth’s letter reveal about the relationship between him and his wife good relationship but she wants him to become powerful and the king
how does lady macbeth characterize macbeth while she is reading his letter? what does she reveal about herself in this scene characterizes him as ambitious but not enough to act on it
during scene 5, who does lady macbeth assume will commit the murder
in scene 6, how does lady macbeth herself follow the advice she gave macbeth in scene 5
lady macbeth prays to the spirits to “unsex” her, suggesting that murder is a thing for men, rather than women, to think about. do you agree
what is going on off-stage during this scene (7)
what, exactly, is the plan that macbeth and lady macbeth make
a soliloquy is a dramatic convention in which a character voices thoughts while alone on stage. what does macbeth’s first soliloquoy (lines 1-28) reveal about his state of mind
what reasons does macbeth voice for not murdering duncan
what reasons does lady macbeth give him for committing the murder
what has happened before the play begins
trace, in order in which they occur, the events that lead up to macbeth’s decision to murder duncan
shakespeare usually begins his characterizations with the first major speeches of his major characters. what have macbeth and lady macbeth revealed about themselves so far
who seems to be the stronger character so far- macbeth or lady macbeth? explain why you think so
metaphors both of mother-like nurturing and of being “unsexed” have been used by lady macbeth and by macbeth about her. find these and comment on their paradoxical nature