Macbeth Act 1

Who do the witches plan to meet when the battle is over Macbeth
What kind of mood is established in the first scene Ominous, stormy, scary, and spooky
Because Shakespeare’s audience believed in witches, how would they have reacted to this scene The audience would have thought this scene was realistic and they would be entertained as well as frightened
What news has the captain brought to Duncan How victorious Macbeth has been in the past two battles . McDowed was also defeated
What further news brought by ross Norway has been defeated and the than of cawdor was a traitor
What us king Duncan’s reaction to the news about cawdor He was very happy and cawdor will be executed for committing treason and Macbeth will receive his title
What do the witches discuss as they await Macbeth The first witch met a sailors wife and she didn’t share her chestnuts so the witch punished her by not letting her husbands boat land, but she couldn’t sink the ship
How do the witches surprise Macbeth and banquo By greeting him with saying he’s the thane of glamis and cawdor and he will become king
What do the witches tell banquo He will be less than Macbeth but greater, not so happy yet much happier, he will have kings but he won’t be one
How can banquo be these things They are a series of paradoxes but it could show that Macbeth will fall and he will become better
What does Macbeth demand from the witches He wants then to stay and explain what they are saying. He wants to know more
What news does Ross relate He gives greeting from the kings and says Macbeth is the new thane of cawdor
How do Macbeth and banquo react differently to Ross’s information Macbeth is very excited and hopeful to become king. Banquo says that witches can betray them and that he needs to be rational
What does this line mean “if chance will have me king, why chance may crown me without a stir Macbeth maybe will not have to kill Duncan and he will just become king without him having to do a thing
How did cawdor die He was executed but he died with dignity and respect
How had king Duncan always felt about cawdor? What does this tell us about his personality He felt he was always a gentleman who he had absolute trust in. Shows that he is not a good judge of character
What announcement does king Duncan make after he, Macbeth, and banquo exchanged warm greetings His oldest son Malcolm will be Duncan’s successor and he is named the prince of cumberland
How does Macbeth view the prince of cumberland He needs to get ahead of him to become king or he needs to give up the idea of becoming king
How does lady Macbeth advise of the witches prophecies Macbeth wrote her a letter telling her what they said
What is lady Macbeths main concern about her husband She is excited with the news but she thinks Macbeth is too nice to murder to get the throne. She wants to encourage him to kill Macbeth
On whom does lady Macbeth call for guidance and strength She calls on spirits for advice
What does lady Macbeth mean by “he that’s coming must be provided for” King Duncan is coming and he must be “taken care of” but she really means he needs to die.
As Duncan arrives in Inverness does he suspect anything might be wrong? How do you know? No, he thinks everything is pleasant and birds where chirping
What’s is ironic about the way Duncan and lady Macbeth speak Duncan fully trust lady Macbeth and calls her fair when really she was plotting to kill him
What does macbeths soliloquy at the beginning of the scene mean He isn’t sure if he should kill Duncan. He doesn’t want to be found guilty and he doesn’t want to kill Duncan himself because he is a good guy
What does Macbeth first tell lady macbeth That he can’t go through with killing duncan
What methods does lady macbeth use to goad him into action She guilts him into it by saying he’s a coward if he doesn’t kill Duncan now
After reading the speech lady Macbeth makes about her baby,what adjective would you use to describe her Evil, conniving, malicious, diabolical, and malevolent
What plan has lady Macbeth formulated for Duncan’s demise When he is asleep she will get the servants drunk and they will fall asleep. Then they kill him and blame it on the servants
How does Macbeth add to the pain Cover the servants in blood and use their daggers then they will cry and grieve.