Macbeth Act 1

1. Who will the witches meet macbeth
What does Malcolm ask the Captain to tell Duncan? WHAT HAPPENED IN BATTLE
What name does Macbeth deserve? brave
4. The captain says, “Till he unseamed him from the nave to the chops / And fixed his head upon our battlements.”a. Who is the person doing the “unseaming”? macbeth
b. Who is the person being unseamed? MACDAWALd
5. Who is the “most disloyal traitor? THE CURRENT THANE OF CAWDOr
6. What title do they give to Macbeth? THANE OF CAWDOR
The witches greet Macbeth by three titles. What are the three GLAMS, CAWDOR, AND KING
What does Banquo say the “instruments of darkness” are capable of doing SHOWING TRUE AND SOUGHT AFTER PROPHECIES TO GET THEM TO DO HARMFUL THINGS FOR THEM TO COME TRUE
10. In Macbeth’s short soliloquy, he argues that the witches’ prophecy cannot be “ill” because why it was coming true
In this short soliloquy, he argues that it cannot be good. What images does he conjure that makes him feel frightened? THE THOUGHT OF MURDERING DUNCA
To satisfy his fear, Macbeth thinks it might be possible to be King without what? killing Any1
What reason does Banquo give to Ross and Angus for Macbeth’s odd behavior HE IS THROWN off by the new titles that were given to him
What does Malcom report Cawdor did at his execution confess and die nobly
15. “There is no art / To find the mind’s construction in the face. / He was a gentleman on whom I built / An absolute trust.”a. Who is speaking? duncan
For what does Duncan apologize to Macbeth? HE HAS NOTHING MORE THAN A HUG TO GIVE HI
What does Duncan announce about Malcolm? SUCCESSOR TO THE THRON
Duncan says that they should go to “Inverness.” What is Inverness? mbs house
19. What does Macbeth say about the Prince of Cumberland? HE IS A STONE THAT NEEDS TO BE STEPPED ON OR OVER
What is Lady Macbeth doing at the beginning of this scene reading a letter
What is Lady Macbeth afraid stands in the way of Macbeth becoming king HIS UNWILLINGNESS TO DO ANYTHING HARMFUl
22. “Come, you spirits / That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here, / And fill me from the crown to the toe top-full / Of direst cruelty.”a. Who is speaking? lady macbeth
23. What does Lady Macbeth compare Macbeth’s face to? A book that she may read his thoughts
What does Lady Macbeth instruct Macbeth to do? KILL THE KING AND BLAME HIS GUARD
27. Macbeth says there are two ways that Duncan trusts him at this moment. What are they? HIS KINSMAN and his host
What does Macbeth say is the reason people will cry like crazy over Duncan’s murder? HE IS MUCH LOVED AND A GOOD KINg
What reason does Macbeth give for not wanting to go through with the murder? duncan has honored them
30. Lady Macbeth compares Macbeth to the “poor cat” in some story. How is Macbeth like this cat? THE CAT IN THE PROVERB WANTED FISH BUT DID NOT WANT TO GET HIS PAWS WET. MACBETH WANTS TO BE KING BUT DOES NOT WANT TO GET HIS HANDS wet with blood.
What act does Lady Macbeth say she would go through with if she had sworn to do it? kill her child
What does Lady Macbeth say she will do with Duncan’s chamberlains drug them
How does Macbeth say they will be able to get away with the murder? MARK THE GUARDS WITH DUNCANS BLOO