Where did Shakespeare get the story of MacBeth? How did he change it? Shakespeare got the story of MacBeth from Holinshed’s Chronicles of England, Scotland, and Ireland. He changed the characters. For example, he made Duncan old and he made MacBeth indecisive, and he added Banquo.
What does MacBeth do to become king of Scotland? kills king Duncan of Scotland and blames it on the guards.
What role does Lady MacBeth have in MacBeth’s plot? she influences him by insulting him and basically calls him things like wimp and geek. She even threatens his manhood. (convinces him to murder the king)
What misleading prophecies do the witches give MacBeth? -anyone born of a woman could not defeat him, but MacDuff was born from sea section and he defeated MacBeth when MacBeth thought he was undefeatable.-there will be no harm until Birnham Woods moves toward the castle, this is misleading because MacBeth knew this would never happen but it does when his enemies carry trees/sticks towards his castle
What does the doctor say about Lady MacBeth? the doctor says that Lady MacBeth is mentally ill and she should ask God for help and his forgiveness
What does the banquet scene tell you about MacBeth’s state of mind? MacBeth sees Banquo’s ghost: MacBeth is very guilty and is going crazy because of it
Describe the changes in the relationship of MacBeth to his wife throughout the second half of the play? separation in the end, sin isolates you
How does Lady MacBeth’s state of mind change during the play? In the beginning of the play, Lady MacBeth is strong and in the end of the play, she is weak and mentally ill and suicidal.
Compare Lady MacBeth’s conception of manhood with a biblical idea of manhood. Lady MacBeth’s description of manhood was that a man must act on every desire he has. she thinks that if you did not do that then you would be considered weak and wimpy. But the bible tells us to have self control and the bible considers self control as a very strong attribute to have. I believe this is true because with self control you can prevent sin from happening in your life.
How does sin affect the sinner? What psychological effects does guilt produce? Use examples from MacBeth, real life and scripture? When people sin, they will feel guilty and upset with themselves. Guilt produces many psychological effects. MacBeth has so much guilt that he cant sleep. the bible tells us to repent of our sins. Once people do this they will feel better about what they have done and they know that God forgives them and still loves them. sin isolates you and leads to more sin, insanity and guilt.
What effects do Macbeth’s sin have on him personally? Lady MacBeth influences him to be her description of manhood. He uses this to become kind by killing to get there. but once he murders people he is very guilty. he cant sleep showing that he cant stop thinking about what he did. once he killed he said he would never be able to wash the blood from his hands. he became hard hearted and one sin lead to another.
explain the social and political effects of Macbeths sins? isolation, more sin, insanity, and guilt