Why was Macbeth written? To placate the ego of James I
Thane Military mayor
Thane of Glamis Macbeth
Macbeth’s “sidekick” Banquo
Thane of Cawdor Macdonwald
King of Norway, wants to take over England Sweno
King of Scotland Duncan
Duncan’s 2 sons Malcolm (17), Donalbain (15)
Duncan’s castle Forres
2 things that Sweno wants at the beginning of the play 1. Peace2. To bury his men
Oddity that all 3 witches have Beard
What does the 1st witch have that signifies she has power over mortals? Pilots thumb
Witches prophesy (3) 1. Macbeth will be Thane of Cawdor2. Macbeth will be King of Scotland3. Banquo will be the father of future kings
Who does the King send as messengers to Macbeth? Ross & Angus
Why is Macdonwald’s confession to treason a good thing? (2) 1. Assurance that they have the right guy2. God can forgive him
After Macdonwald is executed, what does Duncan do to Malcolm to give recognition that he is still alive? Names him the Prince of Cumberland
Macbeth’s castle Inverness
How does Lady Macbeth find out about the witches prophesy? A letter
Who tells Lady Macbeth that the King is coming? Servant
What does Duncan say he is teaching Lady Macbeth by being an inconvenience? To thank him because it comes from his love for her
What are the 2 ways the King trusts Macbeth? 1. His kinsman/subject (he should always protect him)2. His host (he should be keeping murderers in – not murdering him himself)
What is Macbeth’s only motivation for murdering the King? Ambition
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan? Get Duncan’s 2 servants drunk, use their daggers to kill the King, and frame them for the murder
Banquo’s son Fleance
What does Banquo give his son while he is outside guarding the castle? His sword
What did the King give Banquo to have Macbeth give to his wife for her hospitality? A diamond
Who was in Banquo’s dream the night before? The 3 witches
What is the sign for Macbeth to know everything is set up and the time is right to kill the King? A bell
What does Macbeth see while he is hallucinating the first time? A dagger
2 reasons Lady Macbeth didn’t kill Duncan herself 1. He gave her a diamond2. He resembled her father sleeping
What were the servants doing in their sleep? Praying
Who was in the room next to Macbeth and his wife? Malcolm and Donalbain
Who goes back to return the daggers and smear blood on the servants? Lady Macbeth (Macbeth refused)
How many times did the knock come at the door? 4x
Who opened the door? The porter
How long had the porter been drinking? All night until 3am
3 things a drink does to a man 1. turns your nose red2. puts you to sleep3. makes you urinate
3 people the porter thinks the knock could be 1. farmer2. conman3. English tailor
Thane of Fife Macduff
Who was the knock at the door? Macduff and Lennon
Why had the 2 men come to the castle? To wake up the King
Who first discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
What was Malcolm’s first response to his father’s murder? He asked who did it
Who first suggests that it was the 2 guards? Lennox
What happened to the 2 guards after the King’s murder? Macbeth killed them
Where does Malcolm flee to? England
Where does Donalbain flee to? Ireland
2 supernatural events the Old Man talks about 1. Falcon killed by an owl2. Duncan’s horses eating each other
Where was Macbeth going to be crowned King? Scone
Where was Duncan buried? Colmekill
Where was Macduff going? Fife
Where was Ross going? Scone
When will Banquo return from his trip with Fleance? An hour or two after sunset
When will the banquet take place? 7pm
What does Macbeth tell everyone he would do until the banquet? Keep to himself
What does Macbeth tell the 2 murderers to make them want to kill Banquo? Banquo is to blame for their poverty
Why can’t Macbeth kill Banquo himself? They have mutual friends
Does Lady Macbeth know about Macbeth’s plan to get rid of Banquo & Fleance? Y or N No
How many murderers attack Banquo and his son? 3
What was the end result? Banquo was killed and Fleance escaped
How does the seating work at the banquet? Highest to lowest in rank, Macbeth sits in the middle
Which murder says he killed Banquo? 1st
Where does the 1st murder say they left Banquo? In a ditch
How many gashes were left in Banquo’s head? 20
What does Macbeth toast to the 1st time? (3) 1. Good appetites2. Good digestion3. Good health
Macbeth’s 2nd hallucination Banquo’s ghost
What does Macbeth toast to the 2nd time? (2) 1. Love, health, and happiness of everyone there2. Banquo
What does Lady Macbeth say is wrong with her husband? He has a disorder
Why does Lady Macbeth make everyone leave? She doesn’t want Macbeth to give away the murder of Duncan
What does Macbeth have in every Lord’s house? A spy
Who refuses to see Macbeth? Macduff
Who are the witches speaking to? Hecate
Why is Hecate mad at the 3 witches? They were meddling
Where do they plan to meet? In a pit by a river in hell
What will cause Macbeth to be tricked by illusions? A droplet from the moon
What does Hecate say is man’s chief enemy? Overconfidence/pride
Why does Macduff go to the English court? Who else is there? To get King Edward to form an alliance with Siward for war, Malcolm was there
What is in the middle of the 3 witches? A cauldron
How many times did the cat meow? 3x
How many times did the hedgehog whine? once
Who is the witches spirit friend? Harpier
What was thrown in the cauldron? poisonous frog, newt’s eye, frog’s tongue, bat’s fur, dog’s tongue, adder’s forked tongue, burrowing worm’s stinger, lizard’s leg, owl’s wing, dragon’s scale, wolf’s tooth, witches mummified flesh, shark gullet & stomach, hemlock root, Jew’s liver, goat’s bile, twigs of yew from lunar eclipse, Turk’s nose, Tartar’s lips, finger of a baby who was strangled as a prostitute gave birth to it in a ditch, tiger’s entrails, baboon blood
What song do the 3 witches sing? “Black Spirits”
What do the witches pour into the flame? Blood of a sow who has eaten her offspring & sweat of murderers of the gallows
What does the First Apparition look like? Armored helmet
What does the First Apparition tell Macbeth? To beware Macduff
What does the Second Apparition look like? Bloody child
What does the Second Apparition tell Macbeth? Be violent, firm, & no one born from a woman will ever harm him
What does the Third Apparition look like? Crowned child with tree in hand
What does the Third Apparition tell Macbeth? He won’t be defeated until Birnam Wood matches to fight him at Dunisinane Hill
How many Kings march across the stage? 8
Who do the Kings look like? Banquo
What do the 2 orbs and 3 scepters represent in the mirror? King James
What do the witches do before they vanish? Dance around Macbeth
Who tells Macbeth that Macduff has fled to England? Lennox
What is Macbeth’s plan concerning Macduff? Raid his castle, seize Fife, kill his family
Why does the son refuse to believe Lady Macduff when she tells him he has no father? She isn’t weeping
Who enters their home & what do they do? Murders come in, stab the son, and chase Lady Macduff out of the house
Why does Malcolm think Macbeth would be a better ruler despite all the evil he’s done? (2) 1. Malcolm’s sexual desires far outweigh Macbeth’s evil deeds2. Malcolm is greedy
Why did Malcolm lie to Macduff about his character? To see if he was legit
What power does King Edward have? “The evil,” from heaven, places gold coin around person’s neck & says holy prayers over them
2nd gift King Edward has Prophesy
Who tells Macduff about the death of his family? Ross
Who does King Edward send to fight with Macduff? Siward & 10,000 soldiers
Who witnesses Lady Macbeth sleep walking? Gentlewoman
What is Lady Macbeth doing in her sleep? Writing letters to her husband at war
What does Lady Macbeth always have at her bedside? Candle
What does Lady Macbeth talk about in her sleep? The murders
What are the 3 groups that come together to form the Scottish army? 1. Menteith, Caithness, Angus, Lennox, Ross, and unhappy Scottish soldiers2. Macduff3. Old Siward & 10,000 soldiers
Who warns Macbeth & the Doctor that 10,000 soldiers are coming? Servant
Who does Macbeth call to put on his armor? Seyton
What does Malcolm order all of the soldiers to do in order to throw off the count of their army? Break off a branch and hide behind it
Why do all of the women begin crying? Lady Macbeth is dead
Who tells Macbeth his wife has died? Seyton
What does the messenger tell Macbeth before war? The forest is moving
Who leads to 1st battle for Malcolm’s side? Siward & son
Who kills Siward’s Son? Macbeth
How is Macduff an exception to the witches prophesy? He was cut out of his mother’s womb before she could give birth to him naturally
Who tells Siward his son is dead? Ross
What signifies that Siward’s son died well? His wounds were in the front
What does Macduff enter carrying in his hand? Macbeth’s head
How did the Queen die? Suicide, fell off the side of the castle
Where is Malcolm going at the end of the play? Scone, to be crowned King of Scotland
Who is the King after Malcolm? Fleance
What was James I reaction to Macbeth? Loved it but banned it because of witches
Which character closely resembles Banquo? Macduff’s son (defended his loved one)
What are the 2 signs of Lady Macbeth’s guilty conscious? 1. Kept a candle at bedside2. Pretended to wash her hands in sleep
What did Lady Macbeth say Macbeth’s only flaw was? Too kind
What is the relation between Old Siward & Malcolm? Old Siward is Malcolm’s uncle
Which act does James I oppose? Act IV
Another name for the play “That Scottish Play”
To whom was the last death warrant from Macbeth given? To the people
What did Lady Macbeth do after the murder of Duncan to fake her surprise? Fainted