Why do suppose Banquo is having trouble sleeping? because he thought of being in royalty is on his mind
Why does Macbeth lie to Banquo and tell him that he has not thought of the weird sisters? So that Macbeth will claim the throne. And he will confuse Banquo that it was just a dream and never happened
In his soliloquy after Banquo leaves, what does Macbeth tell the audience he sees? In what ways does he explain the sight? a dagger: he can see it but not touch it: it is a hallucination
How would you describe Macbeth’s mental/emotional state at this point? (after the dagger) anxious/concerned
What does the ringing of the bell indicate to Macbeth? How does he say the ringing relates to Duncan? What kind of poetic form end the scene? Means it is time to kill Duncan. Forshadowing: dramatic irony
What has Lady Macbeth done to the guards (Act II Scene II) Made them drunk
Why does Lady Macbeth not commit the murder when she is in the room? She thinks the guards have awakened. Duncan reminds her of her father.
Macbeth enters and describes what he saw and heard. She tell him, “These deeds must not be thought/after these ways” Why? They will feel guilty and wrong
How does the form of the dialogue create a sense of urgency early in this scene?(Act II Scene III) the panic of hearing knocking and screams of people
Macbeth goes on to describe how he thought he heard a voice cry, “Sleep no more! Macbeth doth murder sleep…” What is the meaning of Macbeth’s remarks about sleep? He can never sleep because of his guilt and shame
How does Lady Macbeth criticize her husband and show herself to be stronger? In what ways is she just as weak? When Macbeth cannot go back into the room to return the daggers. She can still feel guilt and thinks of her father.
What does Macbeth say about cleaning the blood off of his hand? How does Lady Macbeth’s comments about their bloody hands contrast with his? What do their bloody hands symbolize? His hands are plucking his eyes out and will ruin the ocean. Their hands are the same color and appearance. Betrayal, death, and guilt
At the close of scene II in Act II, there is an incessant knocking at the door. What might this knocking symbolize? their guilty conscience
The porter’s scene, or the “knocking at the gate scene” is debated by scholars. Why do you think a scene of comic relief has been placed in this particular part of the play? What was the purpose? Because of the death and frightening scene. answer. knock
What role does the Porter imagine he is playing? How does he continue his joke? How is his characterization of his role in the castle ironic? devil porter; acts drunk; creates comic relief
What strange events of the previous night does Lennox describe? What theme do these events reinforce? stormy; heard screams of death; murder; earthquakes; crying
What allusion does Macduff make to Greek mythology? What is his meaning? God’s anointed king has been murdered and it is a tragedy that Duncan was special and powerful.
How does Macduff question Macbeth’s actions? What does Lady Macbeth do to intercede? Because Macbeth told Macduff that he killed the servants. Lady Macbeth faints to attract attention
Who are Malcolm and Donalbain? What do they suspect, and what decision do they make? servants; they suspect there is more to come after the murder so they leave the country. M-England D-Ireland
In Greek theater, tragedies focus on the tragic hero. This hero is a great man who has one tragic flaw, which brings about his downfall. As the hero accepts the consequences of his errors, he teaches the audience some truth of life. What is Macbeth’s tragic flaw if he is the tragic hero? his ambition
What further unnatural acts are occurring? What do you think these happenings are meant to signify? Sun is not out; falcon is killed by an owl; Duncan horses rebelled;
Who is suspected of setting up the murder of Duncan? Why? Malcolm and Donalbain because they left the country immediately.
What does Ross have to say about the ambition that must have led to the murder? how carelessly ambition destroys itself
Who has been named King? Where will the coronation take place? Macbeth; Scone
Instead of attending the coronation, Macduff plans to travel home. How might this choice be significant? Because he knows that it is going to get worse in the Kingdom
When are the witches planning to meet again and for what purpose? the heath; sunset; to meet with Macbeth
Describe the setting of the scene with the witches. How might it be significant considering this is the first scene of the play? what mood does it create creepy;; scary and frightening: foreshadows death
“Fair is foul, and foul is fair” means good is evil and evil is good. What is outwardly beautiful and appears to be noble is really evil and dangerous.
What does the SErgeant specifically report about Mabeth? What does this new reveal to you about Macbeth’s character? he is brave; unafraid to kill; he is a soldier
What is Macbeth’s relationship to King Duncan? cousin
Who had Macbeth been fighting in battle? Norway
The Sergeant uses many similes to describe battle sparrows to eagles: hare to the lion
What does King Duncan instruct Ross to do and why? execute the Thane of Cawdor
When Macbeth says “so foul and fair a day I have not seen” What does he mean? What line does this echo? good vs. evil; significant because it is what the witches said and the irony of it being Mcbeth’s first words of the play indicate his conflict with his own good vs. evil in himself
What prophecies do the witches make regarding Macbeth? He will be king