Who wrote Macbeth? William Shakespeare.
5 Themes of Macbeth Fair is foul/foul is fair, role of guilt, role of pride.
Tragic Flaw Weakness that destroys.
Tragic Hero Character who is noble and possess a tragic flaw.
Tragic Impulse When the tragic hero confront his weakness in a noble manner.
Tragedy A play with a noble character who has a tragic weakness, lively action, and death.
Setting of Macbeth? Scotland
When Macbeth meets the witches, who is with him? Banquo
How did Macbeth earn his new title? Killed Macdonwald.
How did the witches address Macbeth’s companion? Happier than Macbeth, greater than Macbeth, and his kids are going to be kings.
What did the first prophecy of the witches mean? He is not bad or good. It’s just scary.
“Two truths are told/ As happy prologues…” What does this mean? He got two pieces of good news and that the kingship was going to be his.
Why does Macbeth was Banquo and Fleance murdered? Banquo’s kids are supposed to eventually become king. To kill him and his son would be killing whoever was next in line.
How does Macbeth feel about the murder of Duncan after it is committed? Very guilty.
What happens when the murderers ambush Fleance and Banquo? They kill Banquo but Fleance escapes.
Who is the uninvited guest at Macbeth’s banquet? Banquo’s ghost.
How does Lady M cover for her husbands actions at the banquet? She tells everyone there that he has been sick/ill since his childhood.
Three apparitions and what do they reveal? 1.Head w/ a helmet ; beware of Macduff.2.Bloody child ; None born of woman can harm man.3.Child w/ tree branch ; Dunsinane Castle is safe until Birmingham Wood moves.
What strange action does Lady M do as she sleepwalks? Washes her hands.
How do Malcolm’s soldiers disguise themselves as they approach Dunsinane? Use trees and branches. (moving of Birmingham Woods).
What happens to the queen in Act 5? Lady Macbeth kills herself.
Who kills Macbeth? Macduff.