What does Macbeth do to Macdonwald after he defeats him? Cut off his head and places into the battlements
What new title does Macbeth receive early in act one? Thane of Cawdor
The weird sisters greet Macbeth as ? Thane of Glamis, Cawdor, and king hereafter
How do the Weird Sisters greet Banquo? Thou Shalt get Kings, though thou be none (Banquo’s kids will be kings)
Who does Duncan name as his successor? Malcolm
Lady Macbeth calls upon superpowers to Unsex me here
Who will Macbeth frame for Duncans Murder his guarding men
Lady Macbeth tell Macbeth “When you durst do it, the “? you were a man
Lady Macbeth says she would rather do to her child if she had to Pluck’d her nipple from his boneless gums, and dash his brains out
What does Banquo think about the witches predictions? He wishes that it will came true and doesn’t do anything
What does Macbeth this he sees floating in front of him as he goes to kill Duncan A bloody floating dagger
What can’t he say when he hears the bodyguard amen
Where does the Porter imagine he is guarding the gate gates of hell
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
What do Malcolm and Donalbain decide they will do when Duncan is murdered Flee to England and Ireland
Who is proclaimed king after Duncan is murdered Macbeth
Who will kill Banquo two murders
The two murderers are joined by Macbeth
What is going on at the castle while the murders are killing Banquo A feast
What vision does Macbeth see at the table The ghost of Banquo
What does the first apparition tell Macbeth Be aware of macduff
What does the second apparition tell Macbeth None of a women born will kill Macbeth
What does the third apparition tell Macbeth He won’t be killed until Great birnamwood goes to Macbeth
What is the last vision that the witches show Macbeth A procession of eight kings
Who warns Lady Macduff to leave her house a messenger
What happens to Lady Macduff she is murdered
What does Malcolm do to test Macduff he tells him he is a sinner
What is Macduff’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death he is heartbroken rallies the courage to fight
What does Lady Macbeth’s gentlewoman tell the doctor she sees every night sleepwalking
What motion does Lady Macbeth go through as the doctor and the gentlewoman watch wash her hands
What does Malcolm instruct the soldiers to do when the reach Birnam Wood cut a tree branch
What is Macbeth’s reaction to the news of his wife’s death depressed and she died too soon
What does Macbeth’s servant see as he looks out toward Birnam Wood birnam woods moving
What does Macbeth’s say he feels like while he waits for the opposing army to arrive A bear tied to stake
Who does Macbeth kill at the begining of the battle young siward
What does Macbeth learn about Macduff during the sword fight Macduff was a c-section baby
What is Siward’s reaction to the news of his son’s death he is proud of how his son died
What does MAcduff carry as he enters at the end of the battle Macbeths head
Who becomes the king of scotland at the end of the play Malcolm
What does Malcolm say he will name the thanes Earls