What battle has just been won by Scotland and who is considered the primary hero of the battle? What reward does this ‘hero’ receive from the King Duncan (King of Scotland)? Battling Ireland (Macdonwald) and Norway. Hero is Macbeth, Banquo. Macbeth gets promoted
What do the three witches predict for Macbeth? What do they predict for Banquo? They predict he will get a better job as will Banquo but Macbeth will be king and the other guy wont be.
Lady Macbeth has great ambition. What does she propose Macbeth do after she receives his letter about his ‘reward’? What does Lady Macbeth fear in her husband’s personality that may prevent him from achieving this ‘great ambition’? Lady Macbeth proposes he try to murder the King. She worries he wont be able to follow through.
What will Lady Macbeth do to help Macbeth carry out their ambitious plans? She will have to help Macbeth kill him.
This Act is the last time the audience hears of Macbeth’s qualms about the proposed action his wife is convincing him to take. Name some of these qualms. – King is kind to him: can not kill him- Does not want to do what improper- Might fail
What finally convinces Macbeth that he needs to do what his wife had first suggested? That he will not be thought of as the murderer.
How would you describe the relationship between Macbeth and his wife? She is very controlling of him.
Describe Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s plan to kill King Duncan. To kill the king at night and pretend they were sleeping the entire time
Briefly describe the events leading up to the discovery of King Duncan’s murder. Many people are under suspicion for the crime, at various times, during this Act. Explain. Macbeth kill King feels guiltyLady Macbeth does not, pins on servants, both go to sleep
How do Macbeth and Lady Macbeth react differently to Duncan’s murder? Lady Macbeth does not care, Macbeth feels guilty.
Where are Macbeth, Malcolm, and Donalbain at the close of this Act? Macbeth is named King. Malcolm is in England, Donalbain in Ireland
What is the difference between ambition and Macbeth’s ‘blind,’ ‘o’erleaping,’ or ‘vaulting’ ambition’ Ambition is wanting something, but Macbeth murders to become king without thoroughly thinking the consequences through
What prevents Macbeth from enjoying his kingship? Guilt
How is the appearance of Banquo’s ghost an indication of a guilty conscience? Cant wash off the blood.
Macbeth tells his wife that “we are yet young in deed.” Predict the possible deeds Macbeth might do to protect his kingship (base your predictions on information you already know from the first 3 acts of Shakespeare’s play). Kill anyone who is suspicious.
4. Summarize the growing feelings of opposition to Macbeth’s kingship The sons of the former king, everyone who there when Macbeth saw the ghost. → Sees Macbeth has done something.
Name the three apparitions Armed headBloody ChildChild with crown
What does the Armed head explain beware macduff
What does the Bloody Child explain no man born of woman can harm you
What does the Child with a crown explain nothing bad will happen till the woods march to the castle
How does Malcolm test the trustworthiness of Macduff? What does this “game” reveal about Malcolm’s character and his readiness to take over the leadership of Scotland as their rightful king? Says he is lustful, greedy, and violent. It shows he is skeptical about Macduff. It shows he is not that ready to take over.
State the murders committed by Macbeth up to this point. Duncan, Banquo, and Macduffs wife and children
To what 3 previous things does Lady Macbeth refer in her sleepwalking? 1. Killing the King (Duncan) 2. Killing Banquo 3. Feeling guilty
What is the ‘fate’ of Lady Macbeth death
How do the witches trick Macbeth with the 2nd prophecy concerning ‘no man of woman born’? c-section
How do the witches trick Macbeth with the 3rd prophecy concerning Birnam Wood soldiers cover selves in wood and march
How have Macbeth and Lady Macbeth reversed roles by the end of the play? Lady Macbeth guilty, he doesnt care
What is Macbeth’s fate? die with no children
Is Macbeth a tragic hero? yes
When and where does it take place? 12th Century (1100s) Middle Ages, Scotland and briefly England
Thane of Glamis & new Thane of Cawdor Macbeth
Thane of Fife Macduff
6 themes Deception/BetrayalGuilt & MadnessPredestination (Fate/Prophesy) vs. Free Will (Choice)Corrupting power of unchecked (‘vaulting’) ambitionRelationship between cruelty and masculinityDifference between real Kingship (Duncan and Malcolm) and Tyranny (Macbeth)
Who does Macbeth blame for the murder of Duncan Late king’s guardsmen
Who does Macbeth invite to the banquet as chief guest? Banquo