why does King Duncan decides to make Macbeth thane of Cawdor ? Duncan trust him.Macbeth is a war hero. The previous thane of Cawdor is being convicted for treason.
What is significant about the way that the witches speak ? They speak in rhymed couplets
When Macbeth receives his new title how does Banquo react? with concern
After reading the letter from her husband lady Macbeth call upon the spirits to “Make thick my blood,/stop up th’ access and passage to remorse.” she is asking for what ? Demonic possession to take away her feminine qualities, so that she has the brutality to carry through with murder
Which of the following quotations from Act I is the best example of a paradox ? “lesser than Macbeth, and greater”
Near the end of Act I why does Macbeth express doubt about murdering the king? Duncan,a good king,has honored him
In the plays first act, how could you describe Duncan’s attitude towards Macbeth ? He is appreciative of Macbeth
Before Macbeth makes his first appearance what do we know about him ? He is a brave war hero
What does lady Macbeth’s remark about her husband being “too full o’ th’ milk of human kindness” indicate about her ? she is ambitious and ruthless
what could best be called Macbeths tragic flaw ? his lust for power
when Macbeth talks agitatedly about the murderers what does lady Macbeth urge him to do ? to stop thinking about it
Why is the porters cursing ironic ? He equates Dunsinane, the location of treasonous,mortally sinful murder with hell despite not knowing
As soon as the murder becomes know why do Malcom and Donalbain flee Scotland? They fear for their own lives.
Why does Banquo want to meet with the other nobles to discuss the murder further and find out what caused it
What do the natural disturbances that continue all night – including the screaming and murderous owl, chimney’s being blown down and Duncans horses turning wild symbolize ? The breach in the Elizabethan world order
When Macbeth is alone what does he imagine he sees? A floating dagger
How does Shakespeare make Duncan’s murder seem even more monstrous than it might have been? What is this term called? It occurs off screen- the term is called elision
In Act 2 Scene 5 Macduff emphasizes his opposition to Macbeth by … Not attending the coronation at scone
The “barren scepter” Macbeth refers to a symbol implying what ? he is preoccupied with the lack his of heirs
why does Macbeth explain to his hired murders that they must keep his plan a secret? He and Banquo have mutual friends that Macbeth does not want to upset
when Macbeth hears the fleance has escaped the murderers how does he react ? He reacts with anxiety and panic,but collects himself
When Macbeth begins talking to Banquo’s ghost how does lady Macbeth react ? she tries to make excuses for him and then accuses him of being less than a man
Which of the following phrases is the most vivid example of figurative language in Act III? “O,full of scorpions is my mind , dear wife!”
Hecate intends to ensure Macbeth downfall by making him what ? over confident
why does Macbeth want Banquo dead ? He fears that the prophecy of Banquo’s heir’s becoming king will come true
In the extended banquet scene, Macbeth chastises Banquo for being absent. what makes this speech ironic ? Banquo is not in attendance because Macbeth hired murderers to kill him
When Macbeth hears that no one born of woman will harm him, what does he decide to do? Kill Macduff’s wife and children
What are the four apparitions that Macbeth sees and what do they tell him? Armed head- beware of MacduffBloody child- none of woman born can harm Macbeth Crowned child,holding a tree-Macbeth shall never be vanquished until Birnam Wood marches to Dunsinane Line of Banquo’s heirs
When Ross joins Malcom and Macduff in scene 3, he says to Macduff “let not your ears despise my tongue forever,/Which shall posses them with the heaviest sound/That ever yet they heard.” What does he mean? He is about to break the worst news Macduff could get- his wife and kids are dead
When Macduff receives the news of his family, what does Malcom urge him to? seek revenge
Who actually murders Lady Macduff and her children? Hired murderers
what are some ways the murder of lady Macduff differs from that of Duncan? Not for political gain, Macbeth does not do it personally, poorly planned,not covered up
when Macduff learns the news of his wife’s death, how does he react? He says he will seek his revenge, but first must feel loss as a man
What is the “damned spot” to which lady Macbeth refers ? Duncan’s blood
Macbeth tries to reassure himself that Malcom and Macduff are not a threat to him because they …. are both “of woman born”
As Macbeth’s anxiety grows, he commands the doctor to do what with lady Macbeth ? Cure her by any means necessary
What does Macbeth’s reaction to his wife’s death show? He is giving up, doesn’t see meaning in life
What does Macbeth finally realize about the witches and apparitions ? They were tricking him and orchestrating his downfall
The play ends with the thanes acknowledging who as Scotland’s new and lawful king? Malcom
The final act of Macbeth reveals what about lady Macbeth ? she has lost her mind to quilt and paranoia and then killed herself
As he prepares for his final battle,Macbeth expresses his disappointment about what ? He will have no true relationships,honor or love for the rest of his life
All of the following images occur repeatedly in the play except eggs
which of the following quotations from the play contains figurative language? “Life’s but a walking shadow”
Describe the Iambic Pentameter Shakespeare’s typical meter 10 syllables per line, unstressed/stressed pattern
Describe the Elizabethen World order and it’s effect on the play ? Everything has its natural place, god puts the king in place. If natural order is broken, chaos ensues,as it does in the play
What was the Gunpowder plot and what is its relevance to the plot of Macbeth ? A group of Catholics, led by Buy Fawkes, tired to blow up parliament and take out the British government. They were allegedly involved in Witchcraft. Shakespeare writing a year later played on the anxieties of the people about overthrowing leadership. He also included witch craft to interest King James