The three apparitions An armed head, a bloody child & a boy crowned, holding a tree in his hand
Description of “an armed head” An armed leader of a fighting force
Prediction/foreshadowing of the armed head Macbeth should beware of Macduff, which foreshadows that the two may encounter each other in battle prior to the end of the play
Macbeth’s reaction to the armed head -Thankful to witches for showing it to him-This confirms his suspicions of Macduff, as he had already had spies in Macduff’s house
Description of “a bloody child” An infant covered in blood
Prediction/foreshadowing of the bloody child No one born naturally of women can kill Macbeth
Macbeth’s reaction to the bloody child -Feels invincible-Feels as if Macduff is no longer a threat, but decides to kill him anyway just to be sure
Description of “a boy crowned, holding a tree in his hand” A young child who is crown king, holding a branch in his hands
Prediction/foreshadowing of the boy crowned, holding a tree in his hand Macbeth won’t fall until Birnam Wood climbs Dunsinane Hill and reaches the doors of Inverness
Macbeth’s reaction to the boy crowned, holding a tree in his hand -Macbeth feels quite cocky-Confused because he thinks this is impossible and could never happen–shows that Macbeth is quite ignorant
Macbeth’s DEMAND that results in vision He demands to know whether Banquo’s descendants will be kings
Description of vision -Eight kings in a line, followed by Banquo-Last one is holding a mirror so the line of kings seems to continue for infinity
Macbeth’s response to the vision Extremely upset that all of his plotting and acts of violence have been for the benefit of Banquo’s descendants
Lady Macduff’s feelings about her husband’s flight to England -Angered and upset-Thinks he is fleeing war and is too cowardly to protect his wife & children-Thinks that even the weakest birds (men) protect their families from the owl (Macbeth)
Malcolm’s first “vice” that would make Macbeth seem as pure as snow Has lots of lust and wants every woman in Scotland
Macduff’s response to Malcolm’s lust It’s fine–there are more than enough willing women in Scotland to satisfy his desires privately
Malcolm’s second “vice” that would make Macbeth seem as pure as snow -Has lots of greed-Wants all the treasures in Scotland and would go to great extents to get them
Macduff’s response to Malcolm’s greed -This is worse than the lust and is a pernicious root-It can still be dealt with though, as there are plenty o treasures in Scotland
Malcolm’s third “vice” that would make Macbeth seem as pure as snow He has no good qualities whatsoever
Macduff’s response to Malcolm’s lack of goodness -Devastated an hopeless-Malcolm is not only unfit to be king, but he is unfit to live-Deeply upset that that Malcolm has none of his parents’ good qualities
Why Malcolm has misrepresented himself to Macduff -To make sure that he is not secretly siding with Macbeth-Macduff could be trying to bring Malcolm back to Scotland to kill him, so he tries to see Macduff’s true feelings by making false statements–the last one does this successfully
Steps Malcolm has taken to prepare for his return to Scotland -Has gotten the help of Siward and his 10,000 troops from Northumberland-Ready to defeat Macbeth