where do the witches lma. to meet and why on the heath. big open plain and bc thy need to talk to macbeth
fair is foul and foul is fair 3 witches bad can be good. things aren’t always as they seem. good things can be bad.
what news about macbeth does the captain bring to duncan macbeth killed macdonwald in battle
what news about the battle does ross bring to duncan thane of cawdor is a traitor. one of the kings men
what does the king determine to do for macbeth MB is the new thane of cawdor bc he fought and captured the old one
what do the witches tell macbeth about the prophecy all hail macbeth, hail to thee thane of glamis, thane of cawdor, that shalt be king hereafter
what to the witches tell banquo lesser than mb but greater, happy but happier, won’t be kin but his sons will
what news does ross tell mb he’s the thane of cawdor
sleep shall neither night nor nor day hang up on his penthouse lid. He shall live a man for bed yet it shall be tempest tost first witch. im means she put a curse on the sailor and makes the ship have bad voyage
you should be women and get your beards for bid me to interpret that you are banquo witches are women but have beards. looks are deceiving
lesser than McBeth but greater not so happy yet much happier now shout get King’s though Dowell be none happy
lesser than McBeth and greater. not so happy yet much happier now shalt get Kings though thou be none threw witches. banquos predicions
but tis strange and oftentimes to win us harm, the instruments of darkness tell us truths, win us honest trifles to betrays and deepest consequence. banquo. evil can lead people to do things wrong
come what come may time and hour one through the roughest day MBwhatever’s going to happen is going to happen
what happens to thane of cawdor he’s executed
who does king duncan name his successor malcom
there is no art to find the minds construction in the face duncan. you can’t tell from a mans face what’s going on in his mind. he couldn’t tell the thane of cawdor was a traitor
but signs of nobleness like Starshell sean on all deservers duncan. those who deserve good things will get it
the prince of cumberland. that is a step on which I must fall down or else or Leap for in with it lies stars hide your fires light not light see my black and deep desires MBMALCOM IS IN LINE FOR KING. MACBETH HAS TO DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT
What does macbeth tell his wife in the letter he sends to her he’s thane of cawdor, tells her about the witches and the prophecies
what is lady macbeth plan for duncan when he gets to the castle she wants to kill him in his sleep. fake nice.
lady macbeths. quote. thou wouldst holily wouldst not place false and yet would wrongly LMhe’s too nice to murder and he won’t do what needs to be done
come the spirits unsex me …. LM she wants to be ruthless when she kills duncan
your face my thane is a book where men may read strange matters LM you can read their faces and how they’re feeling and their plans. they look nice and composed on the outside and are ready to kill on the inside
how do duncan and banquo describe MBs castle nice inviting place. the air is sweet and health
how does lady McBeth treat Duncan when he arrives at the castle she’s super nice and welcoming to him even though the plan is to kill him
what does McBeth side and lines 31 to 34 he doesn’t want to kill him
how does Lady McBeth change his mind she threatens him by saying he’s not a man he nags him by saying he has to do it she gets mad at him for not following through and called him a coward
if it were done then test done and two were well it we’re done quickly MBif he could kill duncan without consequences he’d do it
false face must hide with the false heart doth now MBgo away and act normal don’t show emotion don’t like that you will get to you
Macbeth asks banquo to meet him later for some words what incentive does he offer Banquo how does he reply he offers if he helps McBeth he will give banquo honor. he will only help if he can stay out of trouble and loyal to the king
describe division that McBeth has at the end of scene one what details for shadow that action to come A vision of a dagger he’s going to kill Duncan it is foreshadowing
as McBeth kills Duncan what does Lady McBeth hear what does McBeth hear two animals owl and cricket McBeth hears voices talking
why can’ L McBeth. kill Duncan herself what does she do in the murder herself she can’t kill him because Duncan looks like her father she puts the body daggers on the guards and gets them crazy drunk
these deeds must not be thought after these ways so it will make us mad Lady McBethwhat’s done is done don’t think about what we’ve done or you’ll go mad
we are all great Neptunes ocean wash this blood clean from my hand? No this my hand will rather the multi Dinius sees incardinious macbeth. Will I ever be able to get rid of the blood he regrets doing what he did
to know my deed to wear best not to know myself wake Dunkin with the knocking I would thou could mcBethsomeone is knocking at the gate he wishes he could wake up
what is the Porter pretending as he goes to open the gate pretending to be the gatekeeper of hell
why has mcduff come Duncan wants to talk to him
what reason does McBeth give for killing Duncan’s two guards he was angry and thinks they kill Duncan
where Duncan sons decide to go Malcolm-England Donalbein-Ireland
o gentle lady tis not for you to hear what I can speak the repetition in a woman’s ear with murder as it fell MACDUFFWomen shouldn’t have to hear about murder
there are daggers in men’s smile Donalbeinhe knows that people are fake being nice they are plotting to kill the brothers
why does McDuff suspect of duncans murder they suspect the two sons did it because they fled
Will make you see things well done there let our old robes sit easier than our new macduffhe hopes that things will get better but he figures it will only get worse
in the short soliloquy that opens scene one what does Banquo reveal about McBeth what does he decide to do like that’s prophecy came true and the three witches were right because he thinks that McBeth kill Duncan has it all came through he hopes they come true for him
how and why is McBeth arrange banquos was murder he hires three murders you need to look innocent so he hired three people to kill him well then who is riding horses and the guy has to kill them along with his son
to beat us is nothing but to be safely thus MBhe doesn’t want to be king if it’s not safe
how is Lady McBeth involved in banquos murder murder mcBeth does it involve her all she has to do is very nice to Banquo and be yourself be ignored to make best plans keep the plan to himself
not I had all spent where our desire is God without content to safer to be that which we destroy and be distraction dwell and doubtful joy Lady McBeth the wishes are coming true but she doesn’t feel for filled she got what she wanted but they are not as happy
things without all remedy should be without regard what’s done is done you can’t dwell on the past it’s over it can’t be fixed. Lady McBeth
better be with the Dead whom we to gain LPs have sent to piece then on the torture of the mind to lie and restless ecstasy mcBethit’s better to be dead than be guilty and killing people
and make our faces vizards to our hearts disguising what they are mcBethappearances are deceiving and what’s on the outside is a mask hide what’s going on
thanks bad begun make strong themselves by ill mcBeth bad deeds go strong through wickedness
Who escapes the murders Banquo’s son Fleance
describe what happens when Ross Lenix and the other Lords invite McBeth to share their table what does McBeth do what does Lady McBeth do he starts to go crazy Banquos ghost come in hot Sam she’s upset because he plans without her and he ruins a party
then comes my fit again I had else been perfect hole as the marble founded as the rock as broad and general as casting air but now I am cabinet craved can find bound in to saucy doubts and fears mcBeth everything was going well by Fleance being alive he lives in fear is not the permanent king
I am in blood steps and so far that should I wait no more we’re turning where as tedious as you were mcBeth he’s killed so many people he’s covered in so much blood because of what he’s done
why is hectate angry with the three witches she’s mad they talk to McBeth without her she wanted to be a part of it macbeth is selfish
how does hectate plan to ensure macbeths downfall they are going to get a patient does show him an allusion to confuse him and to make him so confident he will fall
mcDuff does not appear at all an act three where is he and why he refuses McBeth’s invitation he’s in England trying to get king of England and the Lord to take down McBeth they call him a tyrant
Visine six what opinion to Lenix and the other Lord hold of McBeth they believe he is the murderer