Macbeth 4

Who said “Since that the truest issue of thy throne by his own interdiction stands accurst, and does blaspheme his breed. Thy royal father was a most sainted king”? What does it mean? Macduff; he is saying Malcolm is a disgrace to his family and he disgraces his father because Duncan was a great king
Who says “Then the liars and swearers are fools; for there are liars and swearers endow to beat the honest men and hang them”? What does it mean? Macduff’s son; it means that the liars and swearers are fool because there are more of them and they should gang together to hang the honest mean
Who says “I am young, but something you may deserve of him through me; and wisdom to offer up a weak, poor, innocent lamb, t’appease an angry god”? What does it mean? Malcolm; he is asking Macduff if he can trust him that he won’t just over him up to Macbeth when they get back to Scotland
Who said “He had none; his flight was madness: when our actions do not, our fears do make us traitors”? What does it mean? Lady Macduff; she is calling her husband a traitor because he fled Scotland out of fear
Who said “and our high placed Macbeth shall live the lease of nature, pay his breath to time and mortal custom”? What does it mean? Macbeth; he feels he will die of natural causes
Who said “Be not found here; hence, with you little ones”? What does it mean? Messenger; get out of here now with your children
Who said “for even now, I put myself to thy direction, and unspeak my own detraction”? What does it mean? Malcolm; I take back everything I just said
Who said “this deed I do before this purpose cool”? What does it mean? Macbeth; I’m to kill Macduff’s family before I cool off
Who said “my first false speaking was this upon myself”? What does it mean? Malcolm; this was the first time I’ve ever lied
What was the first apparition? An armed head
What was the first prophecy? Beware of Macduff
What is the second apparition? A bloody baby
What is the second prophecy? No man born by a woman can harm Macbeth. This makes him overly confident
What is the third and final apparition? A child with a crown on his head and a tree in his hamf
What is the third and final prophecy? He will not be defeated until Great Birnam Wood marches to his castle
A line of 8 kings with Banquo at the end holding a glass signifies what? 16 generations of Banquo on the throne of Scotland
Did all of Banquos prophecies come true even though he is dead? Yes
What does Lady Macduff call Macduff because he left Scotland? A traitor
Vices Sins (bad deeds)
Virtues Good things
What were Malcolm’s 3 vices Uncontrollable lust and greed and will destroy the peace of Scotland

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