Who is the King when the play starts? Duncan
Who does Macbeth defeat in battle? The armies of Norway and Ireland
What do the witches prophecy? Macbeth will be king and Banqous children will be kings
What title does Macbeth receive by the witches? Thane of Cawdor
Who is made heir to Duncan’s throne? Duncan’s son, Malcolm
What does Lady Macbeth resolve to do? Whatever necessary to help Macbeth become king
What does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth lacks? The manliness to follow through his ambitions
What does Lady Macbeth’s words “unsex me here” mean? She wants to set aside feminine sentiments that could hinder her bloody ambitions
What does Macbeth realize about the consequences of Duncan’s murder? Other than satisfying his own ambitions, it will make everything worse
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan for murdering Duncan? Macbeth will stab him in his sleep and then blame it on the servants
Why is Banquo up late? He had nightmares about the witches
What vision does Macbeth have before he kills Duncan? He sees a bloody dagger floating in front of him
What does Macbeth hear a voice saying? That he murdered sleep
Why does Lady Macbeth say she didn’t kill the king herself? He looked like her father in her sleep
Hoe does Lady Macbeth feel about how Macbeth carried out the murder? She is ashamed about how scarred he acts throughout the whole thing
What does the porter say drinking causes? a red nose, sleep, urination, and impotence
Who kills the servants who look guilty of the murder? Macbeth
How does Lady Macbeth publicly react to the news of the murder? She says it is horrible and pretends to faint
Why do Malcolm and Donalbain run away from the court? They fear they are next to be murdered
Why is Macbeth named king instead of Duncan’s son and heir, Malcolm? Because Malcolm’s flight makes him look guilty
What does Banquo wonder about the witches prophecy? If his descendants will really become king
How does Macbeth feel about Banquo? He fears that Banquo and his sons will cut short his reign
What does Macbeth hire three men to do? Kill Banquo and his son
Does Lady Macbeth think that this murder of Banquo and his son are necessary? No, but she will help him if he does
Do the assassins succeed in killing Banquo and Fleance? They kill Banquo but Fleance escapes
What does Macbeth see when he enters the banquet? The bloody ghost of Banquo
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s odd behavior? She says not to worry because he has had strange visions since childhood
What does Hecate, the goddess of witchcraft plan for Macbeth? To show him visions that will falsely make him feel secure
Why does Macduff go to England? To ask King Edward for aid in fighting Macbeth
How many apparitions do the witches show Macbeth? Four
What does Macbeth do when he hears Macduff has fled to England? He orders the murder of Macduff’s family
What do Macduff’s wife and son argue about? Whether Macduff has betrayed them or not
What does Malcolm say to Macduff to test his loyalty to Scotland? He says he is more ambitions, greedy, and bloodthirsty than Macbeth
What does Macduff plan when he hears what happened to his family? Revenge on Macbeth
What does Lady Macbeth obsess over as she goes mad? Blood she cannot wash off her hands
What armies join forces against Macbeth? The Scottish and the British
What does it mean when Birnam wood comes to Dunsinane? The advancing army rides to Dunsinane holding branches from Burnam wood
In what way is Macduff not of woman born? He was born by cesarean section
Who kills Macbeth and puts his head on a spike? Macduff