The witches in scene 1 inform you that they will see macbeth after the battle
In Scene 2, Duncan orders Ross to tell macbeth he is the new thane or cawdor
Macbeth shows his and ambition and curiosity about becoming king in scene 3 when he questions the witches about the prophecies
How does Lady Macbeth know that Duncan is coming over to the castle a messenger tells her that duncan is coming
why is duncan’s reference to Lady Macbeth as a “noble hsotess” an example of dramatic irony you know lady macbeth plans to murder him
What do Macbeth and his wife do to make sure Duncan’s guards are blamed for his death use the gurads’ daggers to stab duncan
what does lady macbeth say stopped her from killing duncan herself duncan reminds her of her father
macbeth most likely brings the bloody daggers to Lady Macbeth because he feels distressed and shocked of his actions
who is the porter? the comic relieve who answers the knocking door
what do malcom and donaldbain decide to do almost immediately after learning of their fathers murder run away to protect themselves
the witchs tail of the sailor indicates that the weird sisters are mischevious
king duncan decides to make macbeth thane of cawdor because macbeth fought heroically for him
when macbeth receives his new titile, Banquo reacts with concern
after reading the letter from her husband, lady macbeth calls upon the spirits to “Make thinkme blood,/Stop up th’ access and passage to remorse” she is asking to be made insensitive to he cruelty she is planning
near the end of act 1, macbeth expresses doubt about murdering the king because he is the king’s subject and host
in the play’s first act duncan’s attitude toward macbeth isbest described as respectable and kind
lady macbeth’s remark that her husband is too full of milk of human kindness indicates that she is ruthless
banquo’s son is fleance
macbeth tells lady macbeth of his plans to murder banquo and his son false
does not support macbeth as king macduff
good king duncan
sons will be kings banquo
thane of cawdor macbeth
nobleman of scotland who was at macbeths banquet ross
macbeth was a real king of scotland
shakespeare used halinshed’s chronicles, chronicles of england , scotland and ireland as a source
his plays are written in iambic pentameter
average length of play 2 hours
average run of a play 2 hours
list four things to wish macbeth compareslife walking shadowpoor playertale told by an idiotbrief candle
how does macbeth express the span oflife brief candleplaycreeping at a petty pace