Macbeth 2&3

What does Macbeth want to discuss with banquo? What is banquos reply? He want to talk about him killing the king.
What horrifying vision appears to Macbeth? He will be caught and killed
Right after the murder, how do Macbeth and lady Macbeth act? Macbeth felt guilty and lady Macbeth didn’t
Who discovers Duncan’s body? Macduff
Who are Malcolm and donalbain?where do they go? Donalbain goes to Ireland and Malcolm goes to england
Who will be king now? Malcom
Who is the surprise guest? The ghost of banquo
Who is Hecate? What is her significance? Hecate is angry and she is the witches queen.
Truths Measure
Soothsayers Oracles
Murder of your father Parricide
Disapproved Rebuked
Faithful to religious tenets Gospelled
Justify Avouch
Slashed Scorched
Jovial Jocund
Masks Vizards
Shot Verities
One who has no equal Nonpariel
Go away Avaunt