Whose prophecies influence Macbeth? The three witches influence him.
Why does Macbeth have to kill Duncan? He must do this because Duncan is the ruling King of Scotland and for him to become that Duncan must die.
How does Macbeth become the Thane of Cawdor? He does well in battle and the previous Thane betrays Scotland.
Why does Lady Macbeth get on her husband’s case when Duncan is their guest? She feels that he is too unmanly to kill him and wants Mabeth to be king.
What is one reason that Macbeth is so uneasy with killing Duncan? Duncan is a guest in his house.
What do the killers plan to do to Duncan’s guards? They plan to get them Drunk.
What does Macbeth see in his hallucination before killing Duncan. A dagger with blood on it.
Why does Lady Macbeth faint while Duncan’s death is first told to Macduff? She does this to distract the crowd and to halt Macbeth from spilling the truth.
Why do Donalbain and Malcolm go away? They fear that they will be killed.
Which countries to Donalbain and Malcolm flee to? Malcolm goes to England and Donalbain goes to Ireland.
What do people think about Duncan’s fleeing sons? Some think that they plotted the killing of their father to get the throne.
Why does Macbeth want to be rid of Banquo? He fears the truth of the prophecy saying his children will be kings.
What is Macbeth’s method for the killing of Banquo. He hires murderers.
What causes Macbeth to flip out at his feast? He sees the ghost of Banquo.
How does Lady Macbeth explain Macbeth’s odd actions at the feast. She says that he has had trouble with hallucinations and things of the sort in the past.
List a reason why Macbeth sees the hallucinations. He is not accustomed to cold blooded murder and sometimes questions his motives.
What does the armored head symbolize when Macbeth visits the witches. It means he should be wary of Macduff.
What does the bloody child symbolize. That Macbeth won’t be harmed from anyone who is born of a woman.
What does the crowned child with a tree symbolize? That Macbeth will only be defeated when Birnam wood comes against him.
Why does Macduff go to England? To raise an army against Macbeth with the help of Malcolm.
Why does Macduff want to kill Macbeth so badly? Because Macbeth had his family killed.
What does Lady Macbeth do towards the end of her life in her sleep? She sleep walks while having nightmare like visions.
What does Lady Macbeth talk about in her sleep walking? She talks about the murders her husband has committed.
How does Lady Macbeth die? She commits suicide.
What disguises the army opposing Macbeth? Limbs of the trees on Birnam wood.
What does the disguised army remind Macbeth of? The apparition telling of the way Macbeth will fall with the woods marching on his castle.
Who faces Macbeth one-on-one in his castle? Macduff sword fights with the king.
Why was Macduff technically not born of a woman? He was born through c-section.
Where does Scotland crown their kings? Kings are crowned in Scone.
How does Macduff show the others that Macbeth is dead? He cuts off his head and shows it to the other leaders.