What pragmatic reason prompted Shakespeare to white Macbeth? King James may have not been legitimate and he wanted to assure him he was king for a reason
Identify the 3 major elements that must be present in a Shakespearean tragedy? Tragic Flaw, 5 Act play Structure, Catharsis
Identify the 3 major themes of Macbeth Corruption Power of Ambition, Fate v. Free will, The Natural Order of Things
How does the line uttered in unison by the 3 witches “fair is foul, and foul is fair” foreshadow events that will happen in the play? It shadows decietment and duplicity, like how Macbeth is loyal and hearty soldier for Duncan yet ends up killing him
From the Captains recounting of the battle between the rebel Macdonwald and Macbeth, what do we learn about Macbeth? Brave, Nobleman, Strong warrior
What pronouncements does duncan make about the fate of the thane of cawdor and his title? They will do go Macbeth
What prophecies do the three witches reveal to Macbeth and Banquo? What major themes of the play of these prophecies relate to? Macbeth will be king, Banquo’s sons will be king. These relate to Fate v. Free will
What News do Ross and Angus bring to Macbeth? How does Macbeth secretly react to this news? That he’s the thane of cawdor, he is intrigued at the witches being correct
According to Malcolm, how did the thane of cawdor respond to his execution? Why is Duncan’s reaction to the execution an example of foreshadowing? Duncan was sad that a trusted man rebelled; he’s too trusting and he trusts Macbeth too much
Why does the news that Duncan has named Malcolm, his oldest son, heir to the throne trouble macbeth? Because he’s supposed to be king, not malcolm according to the witches.
After reading Macbeth’s letter to her, why is lady macbeth worried about macbeth? B/c she knows Macbeth won’t have the guts to claim what is “supposedly” his.
What is the meaning of Lady Macbeth’s famous line “come, you spirits/That tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here”? She wants to turn opposite of her gender that is nurturing and life bearing, and become a murderer
Why is Duncan’s initial reaction to arriving at macbeth’s castle in Inverness so filled with dramatic irony? Initial reaction was peaceful, but he’s gonna die
Identify the 3 reasons Macbeth uses to convince himself not to carry through with the plan to kill duncan He’s loyal, he should protect the king (not kill) because he’s hosting him, and Duncan has done nothing wrong (he’s a good king)
How does lady macbeth convince macbeth to recommit to the plan to kill duncan? She questions his manhood
What is Lady Macbeth’s plan to get away with the murder of Duncan? Get guards drunk, stab Duncan in sleep, plant the daggers on the guards laps to blame them
Why is it ironic when Macbeth tells lady macbeth, “bring forth men-children only/ for thy undaunted mettle should compose/nothing but males”? It kind of reinstates gender roles back, even though she did all this amazing job and planning in the murder, the only thing that Macbeth compliments her on is her ability to bear men.
What offer does Macbeth make banquo “when the time comes”? What is banquo’s response to this offer? That banquo will be on his side if it’s on good terms
How does macbeth’s famous daffer speech reveal the state of his mind at this point in the play? He’s going crazy.
According to Lady Macbeth, what was the only thing that prevented her from killing Duncan herself? Duncan resembled her father
Compare and contrast Macbeth and Lady Macbeth’s reactions to Duncan’s murder. Macbeth feels pure guilt; lady is glad it’s over
What does macbeth forget to do after he leaves the scene of duncan’s murder? Macbeth brought the daggers back instead of leaving them with the guards
According to De Quincey, what attitude must a port adopt when writing about murder? Must be interested more in the murderer, because they’re more interesting. Where as all you feel of the victim is pity.
Why did Shakespeare follow the murder of duncan with the long comedic monologue by the drunken porter? Because of Tension and release.
Identify the 2 ill omens Lennox tells macbeth he has witnessed as they wait for macduff to go wake the king Wind sounds like screams, earthquakes
According to Macbeth, why did he kill the two chamberlains who were guarding duncan? B/c he feels so strongly towards Duncan that it shows his anger and sadness of Duncan’s death
What plans do Malcolm and Donalbain agree to at the end of Sc.3? Donalbain goes to ireland, malcolm to england.
Identify 2 ill omens the Old Man and Ross discuss witnessing after the death of duncan Falcon killed by smaller bird, horses for crazy and cannibalistic.
Who are the prime suspects for the murder of duncan? Why? The sons b/c they fled
Why is ross headed to scone at the end of the scene? What can we infer from Macduff going to fife instead? Macduff goes home because he doesn’t solely agree w/ macbeth being king. Ross heads to scone b/c that’s where macbeth’s correlation is held
Describe banquo’s opinions about macbeth and the witches prophecies at the beginning of this scene/ Starting to doubt macbeth’s good faith and suspects this didn’t all play out naturally
Identify the 3 aspects of banquo’s personality the macbeth fears the most True to his nature; good person. He acts, and is a fighter. He’s level headed and malicious
Why is Macbeth enraged by the witches prophecy for banquo? Because he’s just a placeholder for king
How does macbeth convince the 2 murderers to kill banquo? He questions their manhood and he doesn’t want to kill him himself b/c he’s too suspicious and he wants people to like him.
Describe macbeth and lady macbeth’s state of mind concerning the murder of =Duncan and their ascension to the throne in Act 2 Sc 2 Anxious, guilt ridden, paranoid
Why does macbeth not include lady macbeth in his plot to kill banquo? B/c he doesn’t want her to feel anymore guilt.
What bit of special knowledge pertaining to Banquo’s travel habits does the 3rd murderer poses? They walk the last mile
What is the result of the murderers ambush on banquo/fleance? Banquo dies, fleance flees
How does macbeth respond to the news brought to him by the 1st murderer regarding banquo and fleance? Nervous, freaks out b/c he can still replace him as king due to prophesy
Describe the 3 emotions that run through macbeth when he encounters banquo’s ghost during the banquet? Disbelief, anger, fear
What excuse does Lady Macbeth give the guests for macbeth’s bizarre behaviors during the banquet? He’s always had these fits since childhood
After the guests are excused, identify the 3 supernatural omens macbeth says Nature will sometimes use to expose murderers This is a long ass answer and not on the test
At the end of act 3 sc 4 who does macbeth suspect of conspiring against him? Macduff b/c he has SPIESSS
How does the spell the 3 witches cast the the beginning of act 4 sc 1 symbolize macbeth? Poison parts = dirtied soul; Body parts = Man
What is the 1st Apparition summoned by the 3 witches? Armored head, macduff is out to get you
What is the 2nd Apparition summoned by the 3 witches? Bloody child, you will not be killed by man born of woman
What is the 3rd Apparition summoned by the 3 witches? Child wearing crown carrying branch, your army will be defeated when Birnam wood moves
After the 3 apparitions, what the final question the macbeth asks the 3 witches? What answer does he receive? What about fleance? Witches say they don’t want to answer, but then they show him 8 kings with banquo’s ghost in the back
What decision does Macbeth make about Macduff at the end of act 4 sc 1? He and his fam need to die
In the conversation between lady macduff and ross, what news do we learn about Macduff? How does lady macduff feel about this news? She feels abandoned and betrayed, lady is angry and calls him a traitor and dead
What is the fate of lady macduff and her son? They die
Why does malcolm worry about macduff’s loyalty? b/c macbeth could be trying to kill him
Identify 3 perverse vices that malcolm claims to have when he discusses his future kingship with macduff? Sex with all the women. Take land and money from nobels. No good redeeming qualities.
How does macduff attempt to excuse 2 of these vices? He can get woman in secret. Scotland is rich enough to make everyone happy
What was Macduff’s reaction to Malcolm’s supposed vices? Why did malcolm device macduff? He was enraged and didn’t want to support malcolm as well. Malcolm wanted to make sure scotland was in his best interest.
What is kind edward able to do for his sick people? What major theme of macbeth does this brief description support? Heal them. Natural order of things
What news about scotland does ross bring to malcolm? People are screaming in the streets, there are no smiles, people are dying of young age
How does macduff handle the news from Ross that macbeth slaughtered his wife children, and servants down to the last man, woman, and child? What lesson is macduff teaching malcolm with this reaction? He’s upset. It teaches malcolm, that it’s important to be sorrowful as well and revenge isn’t always the answer
Why does macduff mean when he states that “macbeth has no children”? He means macbeth isn’t human and he doesn’t feel empathy at all. He cant take revenge like he would want to b/c macbeth has no kids
According to the gentlewoman, what has lady macbeth been doing at night? Sleep walking
When lady macbeth appears on stage in act 5 sc 1, what is she desperately trying to do with her hands? Wash her hands
Based on what lady macbeth says in act 5, what does the doctor believe she needs a priest more than a doctor? Because she keeps confessing and it’s more mental than physical illness
When Scotland is described as “sick” by Caithness in act 5 sc 3, what major theme is being echoed? What earlier moment in the plat does this parallel? Natural Order of Things. King of England heads, Macbeth kills.
Describe Macbeth’s mood in act 4, sc 3 Super over confident and enraged that the servants are scared for their lives
What evidence from Act 3 sc 3 allows readers to believe that the character Seyton might be more than just a mere servant? His name is said 3 times and he does not directly obey macbeth like the other servants would
What does Malcolm order his soldiers to do that cleverly circumvents one of the prophecies delivered by the Apparitions? Cut branches off Burnam woods and march holding the branches to hide the troop numbers
What do we learn happened to Lady Macbeth in act 5 sc 5? She died
What is the meaning of macbeth’s “tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow” speech? It means hes done with life, dragging and living his days out. He regrets where his life has come to and concludes it has no meaning since he will long be forgotten.
What does a frightened messenger tell macbeth about Birnam Woods? The woods are moving
What is the battle plan malcolm orders siward and macduff to carry out? Siward will charge first, and they will follow
Who is the first character to challenge macbeth on the battlefield? What is the result? Young siward, he dies
What is the surprising result of Malcolm’s attack on macbeth’s castle? Not a lot of casualties.
What does macduff tell macbeth that shakes the tyrants confidence? What is the result of the duel between macbeth and macduff? Macduff was born of C-section, so macbeth says he can’t kill macduff
What 3 commands does Malcolm issue at the end of the play, thereby restoring the natural order of things? Everyone who ran can return, thanks are not earls, everyone who helped macbeth will die

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