1564-1616 William Shakespeare born and died?
Stratford Shakespeare is born where?
Greek god of wine and fertility Dionysus,Bacchus
actors that wore masks which would help with amplification Thespians
when Aeschylus, a playwright, added a second actor When was drama born
goat song What does tragedy mean
comic plays that lewd treatments of religious and mythic themes Satyr plays
plato Who was Aristotle’s teacher
sacrotes Who was plato’s teacher
to arouse pity and fear in the audience so that we may experience catharsis the function of tragedy
a cleaning or purging of pity and fear catharsis
hero has to be highly renowned and prosperous, must not be perfect but human, can’t be evil either and have a tragic flaw Aristotle’s definition of a tragic hero
aristotle’s term for tragic flaw Hamarthia
James I who is shakespeares supporter
queen elizabeth died and james I became king 1603
globe theater burned down 1613
pride hubris
traitors of duncan macdonwald and thane of cawdor
duncans sons malcom and donaldbain
address or speech given to an inanimate object apostrophe
thane of cawdor What was macbeth named after killing macdonwald?
banquo’s son fleonce
banquo is loyal while macbeth is a traitor how are banquo and macbeth character foils?
1. she talks macbeth into it2. drugs the guards so they won’t hear macbeth3. plants the dagger w/ the chamberlings and smears the blood what 3 major roles does lady macbeth have in the murder of king duncan?
owl what signals king duncan’s death?
servant, pretends to be gatekeeper of hell, is drunk as a form of comical relief porter
8 kings and Banquo, last king holds a mirror. last king hold a mirror to show there will be an infinite number of kings that are descendants of Banquo explain in detail the fourth and final apparition. what does it signify and why might shakespeare have included it?
when they are drunk or insane when do people speak in prose in shakespeare’s plays?
goddess of sorcery and witchcraft hectate
macbeth is considered the disease of scotland and king edward is going to help macduff cure scotland how is edward the confessor considered a character foil to macbeth?
high renowned and prosperous, not perfect and not evil aristotle definition of tragic hero
hamarthia what did arisotle believe the downfall of a tragic hero should be caused by?
ambition what is macbeth’s hamarthia?
Macbeth’s chief servant seyton
macduff cuts macbeth’s head off who kills macbeth and how?
1 – armed head says beware macduff, 2 – bloody child says be brave, anyone who is born of women cannot harm Macbeth, 3 – a child crowned with a tree in hand says macbeth will not be vanquished until the forest moves what does each of the apparitions foreshadow or symbolize?
1 – macduff kills macbeth, 2 – macduff is born of C-Section which allows him to kill Macbeth, 3 – the child is Malcolm and he brings England to Scotland how do the three apparitions come true?
written like a novel, without rhyme prose
tragedy tragos
guilt(has shifting meanings) blood motif
thane of fife Who is macduff
statement meant to be interpreted in multiple ways, usually meant to deceive equivocation
speaking ones thoughts aloud soliloquy
a religious ceremony meant to honor dionysos what did greek drama begin as?
horses went wild and ate each other and earthquakes what are two specific ways in which Duncan’s murder disrupts the natural world?
Macbeth was well liked while shakespeare makes him out to be hated How does Macbeth historically differ from shakespeare’s interoperation?
Macbeth is higher than he is supposed to be which causes chaos How is the great chain of being interrupted
made the play short, james descended from banquo, james had an interest in witchcraft ways shakespeare plays homage to King James I
shakespeare’s source chronicles of england, scotland, and ireland by Raphael Hollinshed
John 13:37 (what a man sews he will reap) Duncan=Jesus, Macbeth=Judas

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