Hurly burly Noisy disorder and confusion
Thane A member of an aristocratic class that holds lands
Whence From what place
Valor Bravery
Minion Loyal servant
Aught Anything
Prophetic Predicting the future s if by supernatural forces
Surmise Guesses based on incomplete facts
Harbinger A sign of future events
Adage A saying that expresses a common observation, proverb
Bellona Ancient goddess of war
Couplet A pair of lines that rhyme
Aside A remark made quietly so it is only heard by a select group of people and not by others nearbySometimes made to the audience
Soliloquy Lines spoken by one character on stage Not meant to be heard by anyone Communicates a character’s inner thoughts and internal conflict
Antithesis Rhetorical device where the author places an idea next to one which it is sharply contrasted or directly opposed Opposite Gives emphasis to the original idea by opposing it
Scene 1: Whom will the witches meet? Macbeth
Scene 2:A. What does Malcolm ask the captain to tell Duncan?B. What name does Macbeth deserve?C. Who is the person doing the unseaming?D. Who is the person being unseamed?E. Who is the most disloyal traitor?F.what title do they give Macbeth?
Scene 3: A. What are the 3 title that the witches greet Macbeth with?B. What prophecy do the witches give to Banquo?C. What does Banquo say the instruments of darkness are capable of doing?D. In Macbeth’s soliloquy, he argues that the witches’ prophecy cannot be ill because why?E. He argues that it cannot be good- what images does he conjure that makes him frightened? F. To satisfy his fear, Macbeth thinks it might be possible to be king without what?G. What reason does Banquo give to Ross and Angus for Macbeth’s odd behavior?
Scene 4: A. What does Malcom report Cawdor did at his execution?B. “There is no art / To find

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