Macbeth 17. Act II, Scene II

Who can be wise, amazed, temperate and furious, loyal and neutral, in a moment? Who can be wise, confused, calm and furious loyal and neutral, at the same time?
No man: the expedition of my violent love outran the pauser(slower) reason – No man: The speed of my violent love ran faster than the cause of reason.(violent rage inspired by my love for duncan caused me to act before I could stop and think about it)
Here lay Duncan, his silver skin laced with his golden blood and his gashed stabs looked like a breach in nature’s or ruins wasteful entrance: Duncan lay here with his fair/white skin, patterned with his blood and his stab wounds looked like gaps/wounds in life itself for death to enter:
There, the murderers steeped in the colors of their trade, their daggers unmannerly breached with gore. There the murderers were bathed/covered in blood, their daggers (unseemingly) had trousers of blood/ covered in dried blood.
Who could refrain that had a heart to love, and in that heart courage to make’s love known? Who that had heart and in it courage could refrain from making his love known?(Who could have restrained himself, who loved Duncan and had the courage to act on it?)