after hearing macbeth’s victories, king duncan intends to name macbeth thane of cawdor
what comment does banquo make to macbeth regarding the witches’ prophecies the forces of evil can use truth to lure people to destruction
what does macbeth admit is the prophecies initial effect on him (scene 3, lines 127-142) he is amazed that he can imagine killing duncan
macbeth reacts to ducan’s announcement that Malcolm will be prince of cumberland planning to act against Malcolm
according to lady macbeth in scene 5, what does macbeth lack that may prevent him from becoming king? wickedness
which statement best summarizes the way that the witches influence macbeth’s behavior in act 1? they have little or no effect on macbeth’s behavior
macbeth’s speech at the beginning of scene 7 is an example of an soliloquy
at the beginning of scene 7, macbeth decides to weigh the reasons for not killing Ducan
how does lady macbeth treat her husband in scene 7 she shames him into acting immediately against duncan
lady macbeth may best be described as ambitious
in which metrical pattern did shakespeare write macbeth blank verse
shakespeare intends his audience to think of Duncan as a worthy king
Banquo may best be described as loyal
by setting scene 1 amid thunder and lightning and scene 2 amid the sounds of battle, shakespeare probably intended to imply that a link exists between both kinds of turmoil
which statement best reflects Duncan’s observation that “there’s no art/ to find the mind’s construction in the face…” appearances do not always reflect reality
Duncan’s and Banquo’s admiration of Macbeth’s castle in scene 6 reveals that they do not suspect that macbeth may be a murderer
Shakespeare’s main dramatic purpose for including witches in act 1 was to help reveal macbeth’s tragic flaw
macbeth’s tragic flaw is ambition
during act 1, macbeth’s vacillation about killing Duncan reveals that Macbeth is at this point in the play not ruthless
lady macbeth intends to blame Duncan’s death on Duncan’s chamberlains
when macbeth asks banquo for his support, banquo responds that he will support him in anything honorable
before macbeth goes to kill Duncan, he sees before him a dagger
what reason does lady macbeth give at the beginning of scene 2 for not having killed Duncan herself? the king reminded her too much of her father
macbeth’s emotional state immediately after he kills Duncan may be best described as distraught
regarding his bloody hands macbeth fears that he will never be able to wash away the stain
by the end of scene 2, how does macbeth feel about his crime he wishes it could be undone
in scene 3, the subject of the porter’s jesting is ironic because macbeth’s castle is more like hell than the porter suspects
Lennox reports having heard in the wind a prophecy regarding political confusion
In scene 3 who seems most genuinely troubled by the death of Duncan? macbeth
Malcolm and donalbain (sons) leave macbeth’s castle bc they fear for their own safety
which omen in scene 4 may be interpreted as predicting civil war? the wild horses
Duncan’s sons are suspected of his murder bc they fled inverness castle
which statement can best be supported by evidence in act 2? lady macbeth dominates her husband entirely
which passage best expresses macbeth’s growing sense of guilt? scene 2, lines 57-62
which symbol is most closely associated with macbeth in act 2? the owl (death)
we learn from macbeth’s soliloquy in scene 1 that macbeth fears banquo
what reason does macbeth give for having banquo killed secretly? politically he can’t risk alienation banquo’s supporters
which statement best summarizes lady macbeth’s soliloquy in scene 2 the means by which she achieved her crown have destroyed her peace of mind
with which time of day does macbeth associate himself at the end of scene 2 night
what does scene 2 reveal about the relationship between macbeth and lady M macbeth no longer confides in his wife or seeks her aid
what symbolic effect does shakespeare achieve by having banquo’s ghost sit in macbeth’s chair? the act symbolizes the fulfillment of the witches prophecy regarding banquo
what psychological effect does shakespeare achieve by having banquo’s ghost sit in macbeth’s chair? the ghost represents macbeth’s guilt and his fears regarding the security of his throne
when macbeth sees the ghost, lady macbeth questions macbeth’s manhood in order to bring him to his scenes
by having macbeth rave at an empty chair rather than have an actor play banquo’s ghost, a director would be emphasizing both the symbolic and the psychological significance of the ghost
in scene 5 hecate ascribes macbeth’s approaching downfall to overconfidence
lennox’s speech in scene 6 lines 1-17 is an example of verbal irony
by suddenly adding rhyme to the blank verse in such passages as scene 2, lines 4-7 and scene 4, lines 136-141 Shakespeare adds emotional emphasis
what is the primary purpose of the alliteration in scene 4 line 25? the c and b sounds emphasize macbeth;s continued frustration and annoyance
which of the following character traits best apply to macduff? loyalty and courage
before macbeth enters in scene 1, the 2nd witch describes him as wicked
infected be the air whereupon they ride, and damned all those who trust them! these lines from scene 1 are ironic bc macbeth does not suspect that he may be damned if he puts trust in the witches predictions
in scene 2 lady macduff calls her husband a traitor bc she feels macduff has abandoned her and her children
the murder of macduff’s family differs from macbeth’s other murders in that it is pointless
at the beginning of scene 3, Malcolm is not yet certain of macduff’s support
“i think our country sinks” contains a metaphor comparing Scotland to a wounded ox
Malcolm tests macduff’s loyalty by saying that he has more vices than macbeth
from scene 3 it can be concluded that if Malcolm are king, he would be wholly unlike M
macduff’s reaction to the tragic news of his family reveals that he was deeply devoted to his family
the imaginary spot on Lady M’s hand is duncan’s blood
Lady M’s sleep walking is caused by her guilt and remorse for the crimes that she and her husband committed
M’s call for his armor indicates that he is confident of defeating the english and rebel forces
M’s convo with the dr reveals that he is much less concerned abut his wife than he is about the ensuing battle
“brief candle” life
M says that life is meaningless
which character is not woman born macduff
young siward represents what M once was and no longer can be
lady M died by suicide
who is considered a round character? lady M
what are M’s tragic flaws ambitionblind trust in the witches prophecies
in addition to ambition what other trait helps constitute lady macbeth’s tragic flaw? remorse

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