Love quotes (Romeo and Juliet)

tyranous and rough in proof ROMEO as if love is a dictator, violent
anything of nothing first create ROMEO as if love has no cause/reason
O brawling love ROMEO oxymoron – love is contradictory, violent
madness ROMEO love as a mental illness
a sick man ROMEO foreboding, metaphor of physical illness
burning, grief, infection, poison BENVOLIO metaphors for love as corrosive, damaging
Queen Mab … plagues with blisters MERCUTIO pagan, painful view of love/lust
foul, sluttish, hag MERCUTIO unpleasant side of desire
love be blind MERCUTIO love is dangerous because it doesn’t care about practicality/madness
stony limits cannot hold love out ROMEO METAPHOR – love can do anything, overcome obstacles
true love’s passion (NOT) light love JULIET repeats Romeo’s use of ‘true’ love, echoing each other
with a kiss I die ROMEO makes his earlier prediction of love killing him come true
loving hate contradiction of love and hate
my only love sprung from my only hate juliet talking to the nurse

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