LOTF samneric quotes

sam: give us- -tinder wood finish each other’s sentences
who are you? the twins reference to twins
samneric protested out of the heart of civilisation, ‘oh i say! – honestly’ do they boys still see the island as a silly game
the twins shared their identical laughter, then remembered the darkness and others the twins are indistinguishable
we saw – the beast samneric saw the beast
you got to join the tribe easy target
sam and eric locked in embrace were fighting over eachother sam and eric are representative of only family
they could never manage to do things sensibly if that meant acting independently inseparable
memory of their new and shameful loyalty came to them forced to the bad side
the intensity of eric’s gaze made the direction in which he looked terrible, for sam had his back to it fears they will lose family and how different people view things differently
samneric are significant to the novel because they are emblematic of the evil within; they are indistinguishable and therefore foreshadow the descent into savagery because they appearance of the savages are the same however what in within cannot be seen. samneric thesis

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