LOTF guided reading questions CH. 8

What two things does Ralph say that insults Jack he says that Jack would not fight a tiger he would hide. He also calls Jack’s hunters just boys armed with sticks
who calls the meeting Jack
List 2 reasons that Jack offers for why Ralph is not a proper Chief -Ralph thinks that all of the boys are cowards but he is a coward himself -he is like piggy
what kind of vote does Jack call for Jack calls for the boys to vote on whether they want Ralph to be chief anymore
What childish thing does Jack say after the vote doesn’t go his way Jack says he is not going to play with all of the boys anymore, and that he is going off on his own
what does Simon suggest doing climbing the mountain
where does Piggy suggest building the fire on the rocks down by the sand
where do Maurice, Bill, and Roger go Maurice, Bill, and Roger went into the forest, to go with Jack
where does Simon go simon went into the forest, to his special little hiding place that he goes to and it was near where Jack and his hunters put the pig head
what does Jack rub all over Maurice the pig’s blood
what do they do with the sharpened stick they stab the pig’s head with the stick so that they could carry it
what is the pig’s head name Lord of the flies
when Jack comes for the fire what is he wearing he is naked except for a belt, and face paint
how does Jack try to tempt the boys who have stayed with Ralph he tells the boys that he and his hunters are having a feast and that they can come
What does the Lord of the Flies say to simon about having fun ” We are going to have fun on the island. Understand? We are going to have fun on this island! ” It is like a creepy threat, that is saying no that Simon has lost his mind, anything is fair game

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