LOTF Chapter 8

What two things does Ralph say that insults Jack? he says that Jack would hide too, and says that Jack’s hunters are just boys with sticks
Who calls the meeting? jack
List two reasons that Jack offers for why Ralph is not a proper chief. Jack says that Ralph isn’t even a hunter, and says that Ralph thinks and acts like Piggy, which makes him a bad chief.
What kind of vote does Jack call for? A vote to remove Ralph from being chief.
What childish thing does Jack say after the vote doesn’t go his way? I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.
What does Simon suggest doing? Climbing the Mountain.
Where does Piggy suggest building the fire? Below the mountain, by the bathing pool.
Where do Maurice, Bill, and Roger go? they went to join jack
Where does Simon go? to his place in the jungle
What does Jack rub all over Maurice? pig’s blood
What do they do with the sharpened stick? they stick one end in the ground, and they put the pig’s head on the other end, as a gift for the beast
What’s the pig’s head name? lord of the flies
Why does Ralph take his group to the platform? What problem is Ralph having at this meeting? to discuss Jack’s tribe’s actions; remembering what he is going to say

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