LOTF Chapter 5

Write a brief description of the assembly area at the edge of the water, triangular, withtree trunks all around, Ralph satwith his back to the water at the top ofthe triangle.
Identify several of the important points Ralph talks about at the assembly a ship had passed and they had no signal fire; keep the coconuts filled with water;shelters need fixing; toilet only in designatedplaces; keep the fire going—or die!; thingsare breaking up; the littluns are frightened;if you have the conch it is your right to speak,
When Ralph says, “We’ve got to make smoke up there—or die,” he means it in two different ways. Explain. He means they will die there if they don’tkeep the signal fire going, and also that theyought to be willing to die before letting it goout.
Finally, Ralph says, “Things are breaking up… We began well; we were happy. Andthen—” What are some of the signs that the boys are “breaking up”? Jack does what he wants to do; many of them are not making an effort tofollow the rules; there are arguments
As the assembly comes to an end, what is the general atmosphere among the boys? There was mocking, hysterical laughter,screams, howling; many of the boys were allriled up and fearful—generally out of control
Why do you think Percival Wemys Madison, when spoken to, chants his address? to comfort himself, as the only constant inhis life

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