LOTF Chapter 12

What happened to Samneric to make them join up with Jack’s tribe and guard the entrance of Castle Rock? Jacks tribe hurt them
What do they tell Ralph all the boys are going to do the next day? hunt for him
What can you infer Roger and Jack intend to do with the stick that sharpened at both ends? Kill Ralph with it
What does one of the twins give to Ralph as he leaves? Piece of meat
What happens to Samneric after Ralph leaves? they are questioned and one is hurt
How do the chief and Roger know where Ralph is hiding? Sam and Eric got into an argument and said Ralph’s location
What are the two methods the boys use to get Ralph out of the hiding spot? shook branches and jabbed spears
How were the boys communicating? through various animal sounds and shouts
What two options did Ralph think he had for escape? climb the tree or run
What happens to the island that turns out to be good? the boys run into a naval officer that saw the smoke from jacks fire that was unintentional
Who says he is boss when the officer asks? Ralph
The British officer says, “I should have though that a pack of British boys….would have been able to put on a bettershow than that.” What does he mean? How is this hypocritical? (202) the adults can’t get along and if the kids were going to show out they might as well have gone all out.

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