Ralph “No use”
Piggy “Course its no use, Ralph. Now we got no fire”
Ralph “Can you see me?”
Ralph “They’ve got our fire! They Stole it”
Piggy “Thats them, they blinded me. See? Thats Jack Merridew. You call an assembly, Ralph, we got to decide what to do.”
Ralph “An assembly for only us?”
Piggy “Its all we got. Sam-let me hold on to you”
Piggy “Blow the conch, Blow as loud as you can”
Piggy I just take the conch to say this. I cant see no more and I got to get my glasses back”
Piggy Awful things has been done on this island. I voted for you for chief. He’s the only one who ever got anything done. So now you speak, Ralph, and tell us what. Or else-“
Piggy What you goin’ to do, Ralph? This is jus talk without deciding. I want my glasses.”
Ralph Supposing we go, looking like we used to, washed and hair brushed- After all, we aren’t savages and being rescued isn’t a game.”
Ralph We could smarten up and then go
Sam We ought to take spears, even piggy-because we may need them.
Piggy You havent got the conch.
Piggy Yes laugh, go on laugh. Theres them on on this island as would laugh at anything.
Ralph All right . I mean-you can try if you like. We’ll go with you’
Sam He’ll be painted, you know how he’ll be

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