Lord of The Flies Vocabulary Chapter 1-3

clambering climbing awkwardly
proffer offer; suggestion
efflorescence blossoming; flowering
effulgence brilliance; radiant splendor
enmity hostility; mutual hatred
decorous decent; correct; fitting
fulcrum support on which a lever pivots
furtive sly; surreptitious; underhanded
indignation anger due to unjust treatment
bastion projecting part of a fortification
hiatus break; gap; pause
gesticulated made gestures when speaking to show strong feeling
clamored shouted noisily and insistently
ebullience lively or enthusiastic expression
assented thoughtfully agreed; concurred
recrimination charges against an accuser
hayrick haystack
tumult commotion; riot
tirade long, angry or violent speech
festooned hung like decorations
tendril spiraled stem used for attachment
pendant something suspended; hanging
oppressive depressing; overwhelming
inscrutable not easily understood; mysterious
vicissitudes natural or unexpected changes
antagonism open hostility or opposition
declivities descending slopes
tacit unspoken; implied
susurration murmur; whispering sound

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