Lord of the Flies Vocabulary

efflorescence Blooming of flowers, state of flowering; Period of prosperity.-Two weeks into Spring, the garden was in a beautiful state of ____.-As a writer, his career was finally in a state of _____; he had 3 movies in production and a novel on the best-seller list.
enmity Deep seated hatred; State of being an enemy
decorous dignified, proper, and in good taste, like your ____ great-aunt who always wears a dress, even when she’s only headed to the grocery store.
chorister* A singer or leader of a choir
bastion a stronghold or fortification that remains intact.When the battle is getting long and the odds are getting longer, retreat to your ____ to regroup and prepare for the next round of fighting.
hiatus A temporary gap, pause, break, or absence. When your favorite TV show is on ____, that means there are no new episodes–not forever, just for a little while.
ebullience Zestful or spirited enthusiasm
recrimination The act of accusing in return; opposing another charge
tumult Commotion of a great crowd; disorder
tirade A long angry or violent speech; a diatribe
oppressive Using power unjustly; burdensome
inscrutable Difficult to understand, mysterious
vicissitudes A change or variation; unexpected changes in life
declivities Downward slopes, as of a hill
tacit Not spoken; implied by actions or statements
blatant Totally or offensively obtrusive; very obvious
taboo Excluded or forbidden from use or mention
sinewy Lean and muscular; stringy and tough
malevolently Having an ill will or wishing harm to others; malicious ludicrous obviously absurd; foolish
ineffectual Insufficient to produce an effect; useless
jeer to abuse vocally; taunt or mock
inarticulate Incomprehensible; unable to speak with clarity
leviathan* Something very large; giant sea creature in the Bible
clamor A loud outcry; great expression of discontent
mutinously Unruly; insubordinate or constituting a mutiny
crestfallen Dispirited and depressed; dejected
impervious Incapable of being penetrated or affected.
enterprise An undertaking or business organization; industrious
glowered Looked at or stared angrily or sullenly
rebuke To criticize sharply; check or repress
demure Modest and reserved in manner or behavior
fervor Great intensity of emotion; intense heat
corpulent Excessively fat
sauntered To walk at a leisurely pace; stroll
compelled To force or drive; exert a strong and irresistible force on.Due to my love of animals, I was _____ to help the injured dog.
luminous Emitting light; full of light
myopic lacking foresight; having a narrow view/close-minded.Because of his _____ point of view, he thinks all Democrats are evil.
sniveling To sniffle; complain or whine tearfully
quavered Trembled, or spoke in a trembling voice
parried Deflected or warded off; avoided., to ward off a weapon or blow
talisman An object with magical power
acrid Unpleasantly sharp or bitter taste or smell
cordon* A line of people or ships stationed to guard
elephantine The size of an elephant; enormous size/strength, of great mass.
epaulettes* A fringed strap worn on military uniforms

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