Lord of the Flies Vocab Chapter 2

slant to slope or to make something slope in a particular direction
smart sharp stinging pain
hum to make a low continuous sound
fetch to go to where something is and bring it back
blot out to cover or hide something completely
warp to make something become twisted or bent out of its natural shape
perpendicular forming an angle of 90 degrees with another line
bore to make a hole with a tool or by digging
beastie beast
exasperation annoying or irritating very much
thread an idea that connects the different parts of something
smirk to smile in an affected, often offensively self-satisfied manner
caress to touch someone or something gently in a pleasant way
swathe a long strip of land, especially one on which the plants or crops have been cut
errant behaving in a bad way
martyred showing pain so that people will be sympathetic towards you
ebullient full of confidence or energy; cheerful
caps of maintenance caps bearing a school badge
tug at to pull hard
limb a large branch of a tree
on a limb in a position where you have no support from other people
stagger to walk in an uncontrolled way
blurt out to say something suddenly and without thinking about the effect it will have, usually because you are nervous or excited
mind out be careful; watch out
officious too eager to serve or advise; too ready to tell people what to do
grope to try and find something that you cannot see by feeling with your hands
leeward facing the same direction that the wind is blowing
windward facing the direction from which the wind is coming
crinkle to form a lot of thin folds or lines
a fat lot a fat chance (very little; no possibility)
altos the boys who sing in the vocal range between tenor and soprano
trebles the boys who sing the highest part in musical harmony
recrimination a statement accusing or criticizing someone who has accused or criticized you
tumult an uproar, a state in which your thoughts or feelings are confused
festoon to decorate
wisp a small, thin piece of grass, hair
outcrop a rock, or a group of rocks, that sticks up out of the ground
caper to run or jump around happily
cock an/your ear to listen very carefully
pall something such as smoke, dust, or cloud that covers an area and makes it darker
tirade a long angry speech criticizing someone or something
pinch to steal

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