Lord of the Flies Vocab

Efflorescence Developing and unfolding as if into a flower, blossoming
It is time for the flowers to begin efflorescence. Efflorescence sentence
Enmity Extreme hatred or ill will between enemies, hostility
There is a long history of enmity between them. Enmity sentence
Ebullience Lively or enthusiastic expression of thoughts or feelings, exuberance
Her natural ebullience began to return after she did well in her exams. Ebullience sentence
Chorister Singer in chorus or choir
The choristers sang the religious songs without accompaniment. Chorister sentence
Decorous Marked by propriety and good taste
We were asked to be on our most decorous behavior at the formal event. Decorous sentence
Bastion Something providing strong defense or support or a place where there are such people, a fortified place
The rebel army retreated to its bastion in the mountains to regroup. Bastion sentence
Hiatus A break in or as if in a material object, gap
Recriminate To accuse somebody who has already brought an accusation
The meeting ended with bitterness and recrimination. Recriminate sentence
Tumult Disorderly agitation or milling about of a crowd usually with uproar and confusion of voices, commotion, riot
They had to shout to be heard over the tumult. Tumult sentence
Tirade A long, angry speech, usually of criticism or denunciation
The coach directed a tirade at the team after the loss. Tirade sentence
Oppressive Unreasonably burdensome, severe, depressing
This region suffers from oppressive heat in the summertime. Oppressive sentence
Inscrutable Mysterious, not expressing anything clearly, hard to interpret
He was a quiet, inscrutable man. Inscrutable sentence
Vicissitudes Being changeable, event occurring by chance, difficulty beyond one’s control
They remained friends through the vicissitudes of 50 years. Vicissitudes sentence
Declivities Something sloping, downward inclination
The cabin was carefully built on a declivity of the mountain’s northern face. Declivities sentence
Tacit Understood or implied without being stated openly
She felt that she had her parents’ tacit approval to borrow the car. Tacit sentence
Blatant Noisy, completely obvious or obtrusive in an offensive manner
He showed a blatant disregard for the safety of other drivers. Blatant sentence

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