Lord of the Flies Theme Statements

the descent from civilization to savagery theme statement: Often times the lack of civilization causes characters to go back to their savage ways, forgetting their civil values and acting more animalistic than human.
fear of the unknown and its resulting consequences theme statement: Not knowing what comes next can result in severe consequences and isolation.
the dangers of mob mentality theme statement: When someone follows a mob mentality their mind can become clouded from their own judgement and common sense.
the essential nature of humankind theme statement: There is a bit of good and bad in everybody. It is virtually impossible to categorize them into one or the other.
loss of identity theme statement: the loss of identity often results in atypical behavior.
the importance of vision theme statement: When vision becomes impaired, judgement can disappear as well.
loss of innocence theme statement: Extreme conditions and desperation can lead one to lose their innocence.

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