Lord of the Flies Test Chapter 12

Ralph hides in the jungle and ponders about Piggy and Simon’s deaths as well as thinking about how savage the boys have become since they split up and are turning on each other Where does Ralph go upon Piggy’s death and the twins’ capture?
They failed because the savage side of the boys took over their minds and could not think rationally How successful are Ralph’s attempts to rationalize what has happened?
From the spear holding up the Lord of the Flies Where does Ralph get his weapon?
He is angry and disgusted, and he proceeds to knock the skull over and take the spear holding it What happens when Ralph encounters the Lord of the Flies? What emotions does he feel? What does he do to the skull?
He went to camp under nightfall so he could see the twins and get them to leave Jack and have them come with him Why does Ralph decide to creep back toward the camp under the cover of darkness?
The twins are surprised to see Ralph. They flushed and looked past him into the air How do Sam and Eric, Jack’s newly recruited lookouts, receive their former chief?
He goes into the thickest part of the forest and hides under all the rubbish. Sam tells him that Jack is trying to burn down the forest to find him Where does Ralph hide and how is he discovered?
Golding changes the word spears to “sticks” and the word hunters to “boys”. He does this to take the reader out of the moment of war and severity and push you back to the reality that is going on., where they are just children on an island How does Golding’s reference to the hunters change once the naval officer appears? What word does he use in place of “hunters” and “spears” in this scene? What do you think the importance of this is?
The boys are rescued by the fire (set by Jack) which was meant to lure Ralph out of the jungle. It’s ironic because the fire was set to kill everyone, yet it was the first fire that ever allowed them to be rescued What’s ironic about the way the boys are rescued?

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