Lord of the Flies symbolism

Allegory= a symbolic story
what do the characters represent? a part of society
what type of allegory is this book? a “Religious allegory”
What from the bible can the island represent? the garden of Eden
What does Simon represent? Christ
what does the ” lord of the flies represent? an old testament demon “Beelzebub”
Motif: fall of man from grace
Ralf: common sense, order, and responsibility
jack: immediate gratification, irresponsible authority, hunger for power
piggy: ineffective intellectualism, science
Simon: mysticism, religious side of man, Christ figure
Sam and Eric (samneric): dependence (on each other and leaders) they represent loss of identity through fear of the beast
Roger: evil, depraved indifference
the beast: abstract symbol of man’s capacity for evil, is also the intangible equivalent of the Lord of the Flies (The pig’s head)
Conch shell: law and order, the shell loses its authority as anarchy grows, the conch shell fades in color and power as savagery increases
Lord of the flies: Refers to the head of the pig that jack had left as an offering to the “beast”, literal translation=Beelzebub, prince of demons, symbolizes mans capacity for evil
face pait/mask: represents savagery, the paint helps the boys hide from their own consciences, turning them into anonymous savages who are feed from the restrictions of civilized behavior
the island itself: the island is I microcosm of society at large, it represents a smaller version of the larger world, it can also be seen as the garden of Eden
Huts: Represent the desire to preserve civilization; when jack gains power they move into caves like the animals they have to become
fire: separates civilization from savagery, note that ralph uses it for hope, jack only or cooking and destruction, jack’s group allows the fire (hope) to go out
Piggy’s Glasses: represent logical thinking and the scientific method, the original breaking of piggy’s glasses begins the descent into savagery
The creepers: the vines that are called creepers are the symbols of “the snake”, as in the serpent in the garden of Eden which represents evil (or the devil)
Scar on the island: represents how people came in and destroyed a beautiful island permanently
Beast: Savagery, evil, boys worship it
Glowing fish: angels, simon being taken into heaven
Piggy and conch dying/breaking: order and inelegance leaving

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