Lord of the Flies- Study Guide Questions & Answers

Why is the chapter entitled “The Sound of the Shells”? Piggy and Ralph find a conch. When Ralph blows the conch, the sound attracts the attention of all the boys on the island who group together.
What is Ralph’s attitude toward Piggy in the first chapter? Ralph saw Piggy as trouble, but realized that Piggy is useful.
What is the significance of Piggy’s plea to join the expedition? He wants to fit in.
Why is Ralph elected chief? Ralph was the first boy to call all of the others together. All of the boys feel an instinctive comfort with this person who sounded the conch.
What is the “scar” that is repeatedly mentioned? It is the place where the plane had crashed.
Why is Jack unable to kill the pig? Jack could not bear with himself killing the pig. He was afraid of all the blood that would appear when stabbing the pig.
How is Jack presented to the reader? He enters leading a pack of boys in cloaks.
How is Piggy revealed as most closely tied to the world of adults? He wants laws and order. He has been taught these rules from his aunt.
How is Piggy indirectly responsible for the blowing of the conch? He told Ralph how to blow it.
What do Piggy, Simon, and the littlun with the birthmark have in common? They are all different from the majority of the group in different ways.
What question does the littlun with the birthmark raise? He asks Ralph what he is going to do about the large beastie within the jungle.
How do Ralph and Jack answer the question? Ralph says there is no beastie. Jack claims he will hunt the beastie and protect them.
What is the significance of the chapter title “Fire on the Mountain”? It refers to the main event in chapter.
How do they start the fire? They use Piggy’s glasses.
What is the significance of the title, “Huts on the Beach”? Huts were constructed on the beach in this chapter.
Why does Ralph reproach Jack? He criticizes Jack because he is not building a shelter or killing a pig.
What two groups with differing goals are emerging? One is led by Ralph. They are focused on survival. One is led by Jack. They are focused on hunting.
Why does Simon go to his bower? Simon’s reason for traveling into the jungle alone is unclear, but it can be presumed that he is creating a personal agenda on the island.
What is the significance of the title, “Painted Faces and Long Hair”? The “painted faces” part of the title refers to Jack’s painting his face to hunt pigs. The “long hair” part of the chapter title refers to time which has passed.
Why does Roger, throwing stones at the littluns, aim just to miss? He entertains himself by producing reactions of sorrow, anger, or fear in others because that makes him feel powerful.
What definite stand does Ralph make? Ralph makes a definite stand to Jack, by reminding him that he is chief and that everyone should follow the rules.
Why does Jack refuse to give Piggy meat? He feels like he has more power. He resents his relationship with Ralph.
What is the significance of the title “Beast from Water”? The “snake-thing” has now developed and is no longer even a diminutive “beastie,” but is “a beast.”
What is the paradox of the boys’ attitude toward the beast? (paradox- statement contrary to common belief) Percival, the little boy who claims to have seen a beast, shows a paradox in his attitude toward the beast.
In chapter five, why does Ralph call a meeting? He is mad that Jack let the fire go out. They could have alerted a passing ship.
Why does Piggy dissuade Ralph from giving up his position as chief? (dissuade- persuade someone not to take a certain course of action) Ralph is Piggy’s closest tie to authority.
What is the irony of the dead parachutist landing on the mountains? The dead parachutist represents the adult world that is supposed to “save” the boys.
Why is Simon the only one to doubt the existence of a beast? He is a realist.
Why do Ralph and Jack both insist on going after the beast? Ralph insists on going after the beast because he wishes to keep the rest of the boys safe. He wants to defeat the creature that has caused so many problems already. Jack may be concerned about safety as well, but he is probably more excited about the beast because it provides.
Why does Jack say that they don’t need the conch any longer? Jack doesn’t believe that they need the conch any longer, for the boys are facing their most crucial battle yet – encountering the beast. In such a vital situation, Jack believes that rules are useless.
Why does Simon tell Ralph that “you will get back all right”? Simon tells Ralph this to reassure him that he will get back home.
What happens when Ralph wounds the boar? He is elated by the feeling of the hunt and the victory of having hit the boar. Ralph only wounded the boar and it got away.
What does Ralph ask Jack? Ralph asks Jack about the pig-run he has found.Ralph asks Jack, “Why do you hate me?”
Why do the boys run from the dead chutist? They thought it was the beast.
Why do the boys refuse to vote for Jack as chief but slip off to join him later? They don’t want to the work so they go join Jack.
What is going to be different about Jack’s tribe? They are now savage.
Why is killing of the sow discussed in such detail? It’s to show the violence of the savages.
What does the Lord of the Flies tell Simon? He tells Simon that they cannot escape the beast for it is inside themselves. They are the beast.
What reason does Ralph give for the boys’ defection to Jack? They want to hunt and have fun.
What kind of leader is Jack? Jack is a dictator.
How does Jack propose to rule without the conch? Jack plans to rule by providing or withdrawing nourishment and fun.
Why do Ralph and Piggy join the dance? They wanted to fit in and didn’t want to be alone.
Why is Simon’s dead body carried out to sea in terms of glorification? It shows a period of mourning that impresses upon the reader the impact of the murder. It also contrasts the purity of nature with the depravity of humanity.
What is the significance of the title “The Shell and the Glasses”? The conch shell is the symbol of order and civility among the schoolboys who are stranded on this island. Piggy’s glasses quickly become the symbol for life because with them the boys can make fire for nourishment and rescue.
Why do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric lie about their part in Simon’s death, or use the darkness as an excuse? If they admitted to their actions, it would make them seem like savages.
How is Wilfred punished, and what does this tell you about Jack? Tied up to a tree and beaten, but he is punished for no reason. Jack just did it to show his authority.
How does Jack account for the death of Simon? Jack denies that they killed him, and says the beast was in disguise and it could come back disguised as something else so they need to be on lookout.
Why do Ralph and Piggy decide to visit Jack’s camp? They go to get fire and Piggy’s glasses.
What is the reaction of Jack’s tribe to Ralph’s talk of rescue? At first, they started laughing at Ralph. Then they were all silent and Jack began to shout orders. He also took Samneric, the twins, as prisoners.
What happens when Piggy holds up the conch and tries to talk? The tribe had booed him. Then they all became silent. When Piggy was done talking, Roger let a boulder loose and it threw Piggy off the cliff, which killed him.
Why does Roger shove his way past Jack, only just managing not to edge him aside? Roger is edging past Jack in order to “show him” how to attack Samneric.
How does Ralph learn of Jack’s plans for him? During the evening after the death of Piggy, Ralph climbed the side of Castle Rock while Samneric were on guard duty and they informed him of Jack’s plans.
What does Ralph say to the twins when they refuse to help him? He tells the twins where he is going to hide and tells them to take Jack’s tribe in a different direction when they come looking for him.
Does Ralph understand why he must be killed? Ralph never understands why Jack feels that he must kill him.
What is the irony of Samneric’s behavior? Just as the twins have felt terror, so, too, does Ralph feel “a spasm of terror” that sends him shaking.
How does the author describe Ralph’s flight across the island? He describes it in a way of animalistic savagery.
What is the irony of the fire? It is meant to kill Ralph but it ends up saving all of them.
Why is Percival unable to remember his name and address? He is unable to because it has been so long since he’s had to say it and he’s been living as a savage.
Why is Piggy’s fall emphasized? By the time Piggy is killed, the scene lingers to show that the boys are almost numb to death. They have lost all degree of the doctrines of civilization.
Why does Ralph say that he is in charge of the island? He was the elected leader of the boys.
What comparison is implied at the end of the novel? The comparison between the reaction of the officer and behavior of the boys is a metaphor about the nature of man.
When the story opens, what is Ralph’s attitude toward the island? He is overjoyed because there are no adults.
What force(s) begin to act upon him? He realizes he has to take responsibility for the boys.
What is his attitude toward Jack? He likes Jack.
How does this attitude change? Jack becomes savage.
What is his opinion of the “beast” when it is first mentioned? He says it’s not real.
How does Ralph change his opinion? He realizes that the beast(s) are inside of the boys.
What are two forces pulling at Ralph? His responsibility as chief and the attraction of hunting
Which of these two forces becomes strongest in the end? The attraction of hunting
In what way is the novel an allegory of the Garden of Eden? (allegory- story, poem, or picture that can be interpreted to reveal a hidden meaning) The description of the island is imagery. The island is considered a paradise like the Garden of Eden. The “beast” is described as a snake thing. The “beast” symbolizes the snake (devil) in the Bible.
Trace the development of Simon as a Christ figure. He is pure and innocent. He is empathetic to the outcasts. He also shows no fear. He sees the beauty of nature rather than having a desire to destroy it. He is the first of the boys to realize that the beast is within each of them. He is a prophet like Jesus. Like Jesus, he is tempted by Satan, the Lord of the Flies tries to manipulate Simon, and the Lord of the Flies represents Satan.
What is the meaning of “Lord of the Flies”? The name “Beelzebub” can be traced back to the Old Testament. In II Kings 1:2-16, the god of the Philistine city of Ekron is given the name “Baal-zebub,” meaning “Lord of Flies” in Hebrew. “Beelzebub” or “Baal-zebub” are contemporary names for the devil.
What is the significance of Piggy’s glasses? Piggy’s glasses represent scientific knowledge. It can be used to aid humanity or to destroy it.
Contrast Ralph and Jack as representatives of opposing political forces. Ralph represents a democratic government. Jack represents a dictatorship.
Contrast Ralph and Jack as representatives of spiritual forces. Ralph would be Christ and Jack would be the devil.
Note the casual way in which Ralph gives Jack control of the army. Compare this with the manner in which many German intellectuals and politicians accepted Hitler’s Gestapo and SS as unimportant to the national life and irrelevant to the national character. What is Golding’s implied comment on our attitude (as humans) toward brute force? He believes that humans are afraid of brute force and that humans join brute force instead of fighting.
Orthodox Christianity regards mankind as marked by original sin. That is, Adam and Eve fell from grace in the Garden of Eden and all humanity is thus inherently evil. However, there is some hope in the promise that a Redeemer will come to save mankind. Does Golding share this traditional Christian viewpoint? Golding shares this traditional Christian viewpoint to a certain degree.

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