Lord of the Flies Review

How do these boys arrive on the island Their plane gets shot down
what is the name of the boy with fair hair Ralph
what did they call the fat boy in school Piggy
what does Ralph use to call the other boys on the island conch
what does Piggy do as each boy shows up take names
what are the names of the twins Sam and Eric
who is elected chief Ralph
what is the first decision Ralph makes as chief makes choir boys hunters and lets Jack be in charge
which three boys explore the island when they first arrive Ralph, Jack, and Simon
how does Jack react when the boys find a piglet he wants to kill it
as Jack talks about the pig they saw on their expedition, what does he do that shows his violent nature stabs a tree
what do the boys do when the small boy with the mulberry-colored birthmark reaches out for the conch they all laugh at him
what does Ralph say when attempting to put the smaller children at ease about the beastie the island can’t sustain a predator that size
what does Ralph suggest they do to signal a potential rescue ship start a signal bonfire
who leads the choir boys into the jungle Jack
Jack accuses Piggy of just sitting while the rest are building the fire. Who defends Piggy? Ralph
what reason is given to show that Piggy helped with the fire his glasses
how does Maurice suggest the boys make smoke use green branches
what disastrous thing happens after the boys build the fire forest fire
Piggy loses his temper and begins to complain about how everyone is behaving on the island. How does Jack reply to Piggy’s complaints? it doesn’t count on the “unfriendly” side of the island
what weapons does Jack use to hunt the pig and was he successful a stick sharpened into a spear; no
what does Jack find Ralph and Simon doing when he returns from the hunt building huts
why does Ralph think they need shelters he’s afraid of the rain and the littluns need protection
Ralph complains that nobody is helping to build the shelters. What does Simon suggest? Ralph should hold a meeting
what is Jack’s reason for hunting he wants to kill
how does Jack feel when he is hunting alone like he is the one being hunted
does Ralph feel that the boys are creating a good signal fire no- he feels as if there is not enough smoke
where does Simon go after the argument between Jack and Ralph over the huts through the jungle into a clearing
what does Simone do for the littluns who follow in into the jungle he reaches for fruit hanging from a high branch
how does Roger behave toward Henry he is mean and harasses Henry
why does Jack think he hasn’t killed a pig yet the pigs can see him
how does Jack camouflage himself white and red clay and charcoal
what does Ralph see as he, Piggy, and Maurice play near the pool a ship
what is Ralph angry about when he sees the ship the signal fire went out
what do the hunters chant in their dance kill the pig. cut her throat. spill her blood. bash her in
what is Piggy’s response when Jack accuses him of not hunting Ralph and Simon didn’t hunt either
what does Simon do when Jack refuses to give food to Piggy Simon gives Piggy his food
what does Jack shout as everyone is eating the meat he cut the pig’s throat
what does Ralph do in response to all of the celebration surrounding the pig calls a meeting
what is the purpose of Ralph’s meeting to scold everyone for not doing what they’re supposed to do
what decisions are made during meetings that are not acted upon building shelters, gathering water, signal fire
what does Ralph say the boys should do before letting the fire go out die
what did one of the littluns see moving about in the middle of the night Simon
does Jack care about breaking the rules no
what does Ralph only care about Rules
what does Piggy suggest Ralph do to bring the meeting back to order- and why doesn’t Ralph do it blow the conch; he feels like he will be ignored
why is Piggy afraid of Ralph giving up position as cheif they need Ralph’s guidence
why does Piggy wish there were grownups they’d know what to do. they’d have rules, meet, and discuss
what sign comes down from the world of grownups dead parachuter- reminds us that there is still war going on outside of the island
when the figure comes to rest, what does the wind cause it to do move it’s head back and forth, like a puppet
who is on the mountain top when the figure lands Samneric
what is the state of the fire when Samneric wake up it went out
what is Ralph’s first action upon hearing about the beast call an assembly
what is Jack’s response to hearing the news of the beast he wants to hunt it
what is Piggy assigned to do as the others go in search of the beast look after the littluns
what does Simon think of the beast he doesn’t believe it’s real
what do the boys think about Castle Rock they were excited and thought it was a great place for a fort
what is Ralph thinking as he strikes the rock with his fist “smoke”
after leaving Castle Rock to search for the beast, the boys stop to eat. what is Ralph thinking about during this time? how undisciplined the boys have become
as Ralph looks at the others, he notices the boys are dirty. what does he think of this? he thinks it’s normal
as Ralph thinks about the ocean as a barrier, what does Simon say to him that interrupts his thoughts that he will make it home
what do they boys encounter on the way to the mountaintop pig droppings
how does Ralph feel about hitting the boar with the spear thrilled
why does someone suggest going back to Piggy to let Piggy know that they won’t return until late
on the way to the mountain Maurice says, “Supposing the beast’s up there?” What is Jack’s reply? “We kill it”
When Jack questions whether or not Ralph is frightened, how does Ralph defend himself? he was the one who went first on Castle Rock
how does Jack describe what he sees on the mountaintop a sort of hump
how do the three boys react to seeing the creature scared
how does Ralph characterize Jack’s hunters boys armed with sticks
after criticizing Ralph, what question does Jack ask the group who wants Ralph not to be chief?
after Jack leaves, what does Simon suggest they do go to the top of the mountain
what does Piggy suggest they do about the fire build on rocks or sand
does Jack intend to hunt the beast? what does he plan to do? no; offer him the pig head from his hunt
how does Jack plan to cook the pig with a fire
what is the Lord of the Flies the severed pig head staked into the ground in the clearing
what does Jack offer Ralph’s group meat
who does Simon talk with in the jungle the Lord of the Flies
what does Simon do when his fit passes he goes up on the mountain
what does Simon learn about the beast that it’s not real, it’s only the dead parachuter
as Piggy and Ralph swim, what does Piggy suggest they do go to Jack’s party
what is Jack’s appearance compared to “Jack, painted and garlanded, sat there like an idol”
after the boys eat, what question does Jack ask everyone “who wants to join my tribe”
Ralph asserts his authority as chief. Is he successful? no
when the storm breaks, what does Jack tell his hunters to do dance
in the dance, who acts as the first pig Roger
who crawls out of the forest into the circle and what happens to him Simon; he dies
Ralph calls Simon’s death a murder. How does Piggy try to justify their actions? that they didn’t know it was Simon. It was an accident. They were scared. It was dark. Why was Simon creeping about anyway?
what role do Piggy and Ralph say they had in the attack they were in the back
after Robert explains to Roger how he can prevent him from coming up the latter, how does Roger characterize Jack? as a proper chief
how does the tribe explain Simon’s murder he was really the beast but in disguise- he’s still alive and out there somewhere
what are Jack’s plans for his tribe they’ll be under his complete control and they’ll go hunting and have fun. Only after each hunt, they will sacrifice the head of the game to the beast.
for Ralph’s group, what two purposes does the fire serve signal fire and comfort
what do Ralph and his group decide to do about tending the fire at night let it go out
what does Ralph dream about civilization/a bus chasing him
someone or something creeps outside of their shelter. who does it call for? Piggy
what do the intruders take Piggy’s glasses
after losing his glasses, what does Piggy suggest that Ralph do to call an assembly/hold a meeting
what preparations does Ralph suggest they make before going to Jack’s camp clean up and look more civilized
what does Piggy plan to do when he sees jack confront him
what is the reason Ralph gives for coming to Jack’s camp to get Piggy’s glasses back
what does Ralph call Jack a thief and a liar
what does Jack command the tribe to do to Sam and Eric tie them up
when Piggy finally gets to speak, what does he say that they are all acting like kids
what happens to Piggy Roger releases the boulder and smashes Piggy to death
what happens to the conch gets smashed along with Piggy
what happens to Sam and Eric forced to join Jack’s tribe
what does the Lord of the Flies look like when Ralph sees it a white skull
why do Samneric insist that Ralph leave Jack’s tribe is going to hunt Ralph
why does Jack have a spear sharpened on both ends to do the same thing with Ralph’s head as he did with the lord of the flies
how does the tribe plan to hunt Ralph by raking the island
where does Ralph decide to sleep for the night? and how does the tribe get him out? in the thicket; by burning him out with a fire
who does Ralph find after stumbling on the beach a naval officer
what does the naval officer say about the boys’ behavior he expected more from British boys
what does Ralph finally do at the very end cry

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