lord of the flies quotes: beast

‘snake thing…in the woods’ biblical allegory
‘if there was a snake thing we’d hunt it and kill it’ persuasive – sign of jack’s intent to lead
‘there isn’t no beast – but i know there isn’t no fear’ piggy realising the internal nature of the beast
‘there’s nothing in it’ ralph recognises the fear of the beast is damaging the group and tries to ease their worries – a sign of good leadership
‘they had but one terrified mind’ the beast is able to invoke fear in everyone
‘we’ve seen the beast with our own eyes’ sam and eric regarding the dead airman
‘this head is for the beast. it’s a gift’ jack sacrificing to the sow’s head
‘the obscene thing grinned and dripped’ it’s quite literally disgusting
‘his gaze was held by that ancient, inescapable recognition’ simon recognising the internal evil
‘you knew didn’t you? i’m part of you? close, close, close!’ the evil the beast is representative of is innate
‘a blackness that spread’ motif of darkness
‘we shall do you.’ the lord of the flies forsees simon’s death
‘harmless and horrible’ simon’s realisation of the true qualities of the beast
‘some source of power began to pulse in roger’s body’ influence of beast
‘seemed to hold his gaze masterfully’ influence of the beast

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