Lord of the Flies quiz Chapter 7

What does Ralph long for? A.He wanted to have a bath because of how dirty he is.B. A sandwichC. A houseD. A Tv
What distracts the boys from the search for the Beast? A. “Castle Rock”B. A girlC. A planeD. A ship
When the boar charges, what does Ralph do? A.Ralph a spear at the boar when it charges him.B. He hugs the pigsC. He runs awayD. He faints
Who volunteers to go alone through the jungle to tell Piggy the boys will return after dark? A.SimonB. PiggyC. PilotD. The beast
What do Ralph, Jack and Roger find when they get to the top of the mountain? A.a dead pilotB. A rockC. FireD. Food
When Ralph gets caught up in the pig hunt, what does his reaction tell you about him? A.The reaction tells him that he has became a savage.B. That he is very selfishC. He is a looser
How does Chapter Seven end? A.Roger, Ralph, and Jack went up the mountain to look for the beast and ends up running away from it.B. They kill the beastC. The beast killed them
Later, Ralph asks Jack why Jack hates him. Why does he? A.Jack wants to be the leader because Ralph’s priority of lighting the fire is not important to Jack to survive. He values hunting more.B. Because he is ignorant.C. Because he has the fire
What does Ralph think when he looks out into the ocean? A. He is hopeless and thinks that they cannot be rescuedB. He wants to stayC. He craving for fish
What does Ralph daydream about? A. He daydreams about having a nice bed to sleep in and a book to read.

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