Lord of the Flies- Questions

What is the scar? The scar is the damage left behind where the plane crashed on the island.
How old is Ralph? Ralph is 12.
What prevents Piggy from running and swimming? He has asthma and his aunt never let him.
What does Ralph find that Piggy sees as valuable? Ralph finds a conch.
What does Piggy suggest be done with the conch? He suggests that Ralph blow into the conch which will get the attention of the other boys on the island.
What does Ralph do for Jack to maintain peace in the beginning? Ralph puts Jack in charge of hunting.
What excuse does Jack give for not killing the pig? He says he was looking for a place to stab it. He really was too scared to.
What does the small boy with the mulberry birthmark tell the assembly? That he and the other small boys called littluns see a “snake thing” or “beasties” at night.
How does Ralph calm the small boys after the revelation of the beastie? He tells them that there are no such thing as beasties.
What do the boys use Piggy’s specs for? They use them to light the signal fire.
For what job does Jack volunteer his choir? He volunteers himself and his choir to keep the signal fire going.
How does Jack’s appearance change? Longer hairs, clothes ripped and dirty.
What is Jack doing in the woods in chapter 3? Following pigs for hunting.
What is Ralph doing while Jack is in the woods? (chp. 3) Building shelters with Simon.
What reasons does Ralph give for needing shelters? Keep them dry from the rain and to make the littluns feel safe from the beastie.
What keeps Roger from actually hitting Henry with the stones he throws? Civilization taught him that it was wrong to throw rocks at little kids.
Why does Jack paint his face? Camouflage from the pigs while hunting.
Why couldn’t the boys signal the ship that Ralph spotted on the horizon? The hunters let the fire burn out and so there was no smoke signal.
Where was Jack and the hunters when the ship was spotted? They were killing a pig.
Why does Jack attack Piggy and what is the result? (chp. 4) Jack attacks Piggy because Piggy blamed him for letting the fire go out. This made him mad so he smacked Piggy on the head, and Piggy’s glasses flew off and broke.
What is Jack’s reaction when Simon gives Piggy the meat? He became angry at Simon and cut off a piece of meat and threw it at Simon’s feet.
What four complaints does Ralph bring up at the hastily called assembly? Not enough drinking water, everyone should help build shelters, littleun, need to go to the bathroom in the right spot, they can’t let the fire go out again.
What does littlun Phil report he saw in the jungle? Phil reports that he saw something big and horrid in the trees of the jungle, which turned out to be Simon going to his spot in the jungle.
What does Littlun Percival Wemys Madison reveal to the assembly? That the beast comes out from under the sea.
What falls to the island during the night? A dead parachutist (paratrooper)
Who discovers the parachutist? Samneric discover the parachuter.
What do the boys think the parachutist is? The beast.
What excuses does Ralph give to let Piggy stay behind when the other boys go hunt for the beast? He tells them Piggy should look after the littluns.
What distracts the boys from the search for the beast?
What is Golding saying about the outside world when he sends this “sign” down to the island? The sign which is the paratrooper, is dead. Suggesting that civilization is dead to the boys. Their civilization is dying.
What distracts the boys from the search for the Beast? (chp. 7) “Castle Rock”
When the boar charges, what does Ralph do? Hits it with his spear.
What do Ralph, Jack and Roger find when they get to the top of the mountain? They find the dead body of the pilot. His parachute lines are tangled around rocks, which causes it to move when the wind blows. They believe its the beastie.
How does Jack respond when Ralph calls his hunters “boys armed with sticks”? Jack takes offense and tells his friends that Ralph called them cowards.
What does Jack do when the boys won’t respond to his demand to be chief? He said “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.” and “I’m going off by myself. He can catch his own pigs. Anyone who wants to hunt when I do can come too.” Then he runs off crying.
Why does Simon suggest they go back to the mountain? Because he doesn’t believe that there was something up there and its all nonsense.
What does Piggy suggest they do, since they can’t return to the mountain to build a fire? They should build it on the beach.
What happens to the bigguns while Ralph and Piggy are busy? They agree with Jack and join him.
What gift does Jack offer to help pacify the beast? The head a dead pig.
When Simon awakens and goes up the mountain, what does he discover? That the beast is a dead man with a parachute caught in the trees.
Why does Jack organize the beast? To persuade people to join his tribe/group away from Ralph.
What is the thing that “crawls out of the forest”? A dirty looking Simon who is crawling out of the forest/jungle.
What does Simon try to tell the boys? The beast is actually a dead man (parachutist) at the top of the mountain.
What do the boys do to Simon? They kill him thinking that he’s the beast
What happens to the parachutist? Gets blown out to sea by the wind.
How does Piggy place the blame of Simon’s death on Simon himself? He blames Simon for being there in the dark, saying he had no business to.
How do the boys in Jack’s tribe protect Castle Rock? Placing a big boulder ready to be dropped on potential invaders.
Ralph and Samneric deny being part of the dance, but what clues show that the boys might have been involved? They all have some bumps and bruises and they all seem to know what happened.
Why do you think Jack wants to make the boys believe the Beast is still alive? To make them scared and listen to him
Why do Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric venture to Castle Rock? To get Piggy’s glasses back.
What do the boys take with them to Castle Rock as a symbol of their authority? The conch.
What happens to Piggy and the conch? Piggy is killed and the conch breaks into a million pieces.
What happens to Samneric during the confrontation? They are taken as prisoners.
Why does Ralph run away? (chp. 11) He fears he will be killed by Jack and his tribe.
What preparations have Jack and Roger made, and what plan do they have for Ralph, according to Samneric? Sharpened the stick at both ends and hope to kill Ralph with it.
What is used in the first attempt to flush out Ralph from the thicket? Rocks and boulders are dropped/thrown at him.
When the first attempt to flush out Ralph fails, what is the new attempt? Sets fire around him.
What has drawn the naval captain to the island? The fire that was set to try and get Ralph out.
How does Golding change the boys from savages back to little boys in the eyes of the reader? When authority shows up and they all start crying.

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