Lord of the Flies Final Test Study Guide

The destruction of the conch symbolizes the destruction of law and order, peace, and democracy
The first two characters represented in the novel are Ralph and Piggy
What purpose does the face paint most closely serve for Jack a mask and represents his change to savagery
What is Piggy’s role in this mini-society help Ralph maintain order on the island
What is Ralph’s role in this mini-society leader who strives for social order
Jack represents the evils of society and anarchy
One of Piggy’s medical problems is that he has asthma
The conch is symbolic of law and order
The fire is symbolic of hope
Piggy’s specs are symbolic of wisdom, knowledge
The island is symbolic of and referred to as the beast
The author of the novel William Golding
What is the conch, and what is it used for a shell that is used to call order to meetings and to hold in order to speak
The boys initially built a fire on the mountain so that a passing ship might see the smoke and rescue them
How did the boys happen to come to the island plane crashed when it ran out of gas
What is Jack’s role in this mini-society lead the choir group, or hunters, and any other boys that wish to join
Ralph symbolizes organized society and moral integrity
The protagonists of the novel Ralph and Piggy
I am obsessed with hunting for the pig Jack
Used to maintain order and when holding it, only one person can speak conch shell
I’m the leader of the group. I embarrassed Piggy by telling the others about his nickname. Ralph
I have asthma. My mother and father are dead. I cannot swim. Piggy
The first two characters that readers meet are Piggy and Ralph
The Lord of the Flies is symbolic of the internal potential for evil
Who said it- “I’m not going to play any longer. Not with you.” Jack
Who said it- “What are you doing here all alone? Aren’t you afraid of me?” Lord of the Flies
Who said it- “Now I only got one eye. Just you wait!” Piggy
the boys murdered Simon because they think he is “batty”, and they become savage-like
Simon recognizes that the beast is within each of them
The bodies of Simon and Piggy are washed out to sea
While staring at the severed pig’s head, Simon has a mystical experience that reveals to him that the best is the evil within the human heart and mind
Jack puts the sow’s head on a stick as a gift for the beast
Ralph, Piggy and the littluns feel that the death of Simon was an accident
A wild boar eats the littlun with the mulberry-stained birthmark on his face False
Golding uses imagery to paint a picture of the setting True
The boys are stranded on an island because their boat ran out of gas False
The boys use Piggy’s glasses to start the fire True
Piggy’s glasses are symbolic of the tendency to overlook responsibilities False
A simile is a comparison between two things using the words like or as True
Foreshadowing is when something happens in the text that gives readers a clue about what is going to happen later in the story True

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