Lord of the Flies end of the book

Who attributes Simon’s death as an accident? Piggy
Who says that they are murderers Ralph
Who suggests they start a meeting Piggy suggests it
Who is left in Ralph’s group? Piggy, Ralph, Sam and Eric. Handful of the littluns
Where does Jack’s tribe live? Castle Rock
Jack rules with…. absolute power and beats boys for no reason
Does Jack tell his group that the beast still exists Yes, and that Ralph’s group is dangerous
Who set out to raid Ralph’s camp for fire Roger, Maurice and Jack himself
Who has trouble sleeping because nightmares Ralph
What was stolen during the raid? Piggy’s glasses
During Ralph’s meeting what do they conclude? They should go to castle rock and demand for Piggy’s glasses back
Why does Ralph bring the conch? To remind the boys that he is still the chief
When they go to castle rock they are meeted by armed guards who.. Tell them to go away and throw rocks from above
Jack, Roger and Maurice appear from the forest with… a dead pig
Who attacks first? Jack attacks Ralph
Who is captured by Jacks tribe? Sam and Eric
Who later attacks Jack? Ralph does out of rage when the boys are captured
Who attempts to stop the fight? Piggy
Who pushes a boulder from above that smashes Piggy? Roger
How far does Piggy fall to his death? 40 ft
What breaks in chapter 11 The conch
Who is forced to join Jack’s tribe? Sam and Eric
Who stumbles across Lord of the Flies which is now a skeleton? Ralph does after he escapes Jack
What does Ralph do after he breaks the skull? He takes the spear and plots to use it as a weapon against Jack
When Ralph returns to Castle rock who is keeping guard? Sam and Eric
What do Sam and Eric warn Ralph about? The next day the entire tribe will be hunting for Ralph
Who tortures Sam and Eric for information? Roger and Jack
Where does Ralph stay the night? In a thicket
When Ralph runs out of the forest while being chased who is he faced with? A naval Officer who set ashore after noticing the fire
What do the officers assume? That the boys are simply playing games
After being overwhelmed who starts crying? Ralph
After that who joins the crying session? All the boys end up in tears

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