Lord of the Flies: Comprehension, Fill in the Blank

What have you been doing? Having a _________ or something? war
On the mountain-top, the ____________ filled and moved; the figure slid, rose to its feet, spun…. parachute
And the ______________ doesn’t count at this end of the island…. conch
Mind my ____________, said Piggy specs
While Roger mimed the terror of the _________, the littluns ran and jumped on the outside of the circle. pig
Where’s the man with the _______________? megaphone
Didn’t you hear what the pilot said? About the ____________________? They’re all dead atomic bomb
All around him the long ____________ smashed into the jungle was a bath of heat. scar
The filmy enchantments of ___________________ could not endure the cold ocean water and the horizon was hard, clipped blue. mirage
His eyes could not break away from the ______________________________hung in space before him. Lord of the Flies
Who follows pig droppings through the jungle? Jack
Who lives by rules but grows weary of democracy? Ralph
Who becomes Jack’s sadistic follower? Roger
Who reveals Piggy’s degrading nickname to the others? Ralph
Who would like to go hunting, but chooses to build shelters instead? Ralph
Who is the sensitive boy that suffers seizures? Simon
Who bends and rises with each puff of wind? parachutist
Who lived at the Vicarage, Harcourt St. James and Hants? Percival
Who lies on the sand with hands over his face, trying to ward off blows from his attackers’ sticks? Simon
Who needs a barb on his spear? Jack
Who names the blossoms “candle buds”? Simon
Who instructs the group to make a fire? Ralph
Who suggest that they ignite the pile by using Piggy’s glasses? Jack
Who tries to identify himself to the officer but cannot? Percival
Who builds the fire using Piggy’s spec? Jack
Where does Ralph discover the conch? in the lagoon
Who returns to the tribe to identify the beastie? Simon
What made the scar on the island? the airplane
What do the Hunters return to steal? Piggy’s glasses
What do Roger and Maurice deliberately destroy? sand castles
What does Jack use to kill the sow? knife
For whom does Ralph cry? Piggy
In what ocean is the island located? Pacific
Which character lives with his auntie? Piggy
Which character recites his name and address? Percival
Whose father is in the Navy? Ralph
Whose swimming does Piggy admire? Ralph’s
What smashes into Piggy and kills him? rock
Who is the choir leader and head boy? Jack
Who is the author of LOTF? William Golding

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