Lord of the Flies characters (spoiler)

Ralph The elected leader of the boys and the main protagonist. He is neither the smartest nor the strongest but has a kind of quiet charisma and good looks. He tries to keep the boys focused on domestic order and the rules of civilization but loses his authority and almost his life to Jack’s seizure of power.
Piggy Subject of the group’s ridicule for his weight, asthma, and general lack of physical prowess or stamina. He provides the brains of the group, as well as the spectacles necessary to start the fire. Loyal to Ralph and all he represents, His death leaves Ralph alone, pitted in social isolation against Jack’s tribe.
Jack Merridew The leader of the choir/hunters. Already militant as a choir leader, He leads his group of choirboys-turned-hunters in mutiny against Ralph’s leadership by playing on the boys’ baser instincts. He favors hunting and its savage reward of meat over the civilized domesticity and hope for rescue that Ralph tries to maintain.
Simon The visionary of the group. Given to fainting spells and spending time alone in the jungle, he is considered odd by the other boys. Only he understands the true nature of the beast they fear, and only he has the courage to investigate the eerie creature sighted on the mountain. Before he can reveal what he has learned, he is killed in a tribal ritual gone too far.
Roger A sly, secretive boy who displays, early on, a cruelty toward the weak and vulnerable. Once joining Jack’s tribe, he becomes the hangman, causing Piggy’s death, torturing Samneric (Sam and Eric) until they join the tribe, and preparing a stick on which to mount Ralph’s head.
Sam and Eric The twin boys who are in charge of keeping the signal fire going. Until they are captured by the tribe, they remain loyal to Ralph. They speak as one, often finishing each other’s sentences, so that the other boys pronounce their two names as one word.
Littluns The littlest boys, around ages six and up. They remain with Ralph during the mutiny.
Maurice A bigun who becomes one of Jack’s key supporters, accompanying him on the raids on Ralph’s camp.
Robert A bigun who plays the role of the pig in one of the tribal dances that reenact a hunt. He is hurt when the dance turns into a fierce beating.
Percival Wemys Madison A littlun who has a nervous breakdown and is often picked on by the other littluns. He introduces the idea that the beast might arrive from the sea.
Johnny One of the smaller littluns who has a mean streak nonetheless.
Henry The biggest of the littluns. He is made the object of a mean-spirited prank by Roger.

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