Ralph “fair boy”,blonde 12, 1/2 years old,Is elected chief because he has the conch,he thinks getting rescued is the most important thing.
Piggy fat, has asthma,has glasses, the most intellegent, they use his specs to start fires, he talks a lot, was killed by Rodger with a huge rock at castle rock.
Jack leader of the choir, tall, skinny, ugly red hair, he thinks the most important thing is to hunt,hes arrogant, cocky, has a knife, he starts his own tribe
Maurice Second in size to Jack, – always grins,He ran away after kicking sand in Percival’s face because he was worried about “an adult” still finding out. He tries to change the subject of the fire going out by acting out the hunt
Simon faints a lot, straight black hair, small, A peacemaker of the group,He stands up for Piggy, He has an “inner sight” that tells them there is no beast. He told Ralph not to stop being chief, and he told him that he (Ralph) would get home safely. He got killed by a mob at the feast.
Roger He was secretive – fertive, – suggested the vote for chief, He got more suspicious acting in later chapters – He kicked over sand castles and didn’t care. – He threw rocks at Henry to miss, But still held off hitting him. -He joined Ralph and Jack to go up to the mountain to find the beast. joined Jack’s tribe went with Jack to steal Piggy’s glasses. He kills Piggy with a giant boulder. He becomes the torturer and executioner.
Percevial He is mouse-colored – not attractive – miserable,He had sand kicked in his face, He tries to remember his personal info , and when he forgot, he kept crying., He is getting quite insane,
Sam n’ Eric Identical twins – chunky nad vibrant, – They did everything the same – ,tow headed – They were supposed to be watching the fire when the ship came. – They started to go hunting with Jack more often. – The first ones to say they saw “the beast” on the mountain= but it was really the parachutist. They deny taking part in the killing and they stay with Ralph until they get captured by Jack at Castle Rock.
Robert Acted as the pig in the fake “hunt” and was hurt by the boys with sticks. He guarded castle rock.
Phil The little boy that had dreams about the beast. He said the beast came from the water.
Johnny The first boy to come out of the woods after Piggy and Ralph – about six years old. – He was building sandcastles, and later followed Roger’s example of kicking sand in Percival’s eyes.
Wilfred was beaten for no reason by Jack’s tribe
Stanley Questions Jack about killing the beast
Lord of The Flies head of a pig, simon “talks” to it

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