Lord of the Flies Character Quiz

Could swim when he was 5 because his dad was a commander in the navy Ralph
Used to get “ever so many candies” from his aunties store Piggy
Intimidates Piggy with his “uniformed superiority” and “offhand authority” Jack
Blows the conch and is elected cheif by the assembled boys Ralph
Suggests that a rescue fire be kept burning on the mountain Ralph
Daydreams of a bowl of cornflakes and books Ralph
Reprimands the boys for acting “like a pack of kids” Piggy
Retreats to a peaceful spot in a clearing surrounded by bushes with candlelit buds Simon
Afflicted with stomach-aches, chronic diarrhea, and untold terrors in the dark Littluns
Kicks over the children’s sand castles and throws stones at Henry Roger
Washes the clay marks off his face and paints it again Jack
Shoves his portion of meat to Piggy and hangs his head in shame Simon
Forgets his name and address Percival Wemys Madison
Remember the security of his home walled in from the wildness of the moors Ralph
Seems to lift his head and scares Jack and Ralph into believing in the beast Dead Parachutist
Receives respect when he provides meet for the boys Jack
Cuts off pig’s head and uses it as an offering for the beast Jack
Hears the head say “Go Back Child” Simon
Leaps on the sand during a storm and leads the boys in dance Jack
Is killed when he comes to tell the boys about the dead man in the parachute Simon
Ties up and beats Wilfred Jack
Ties up and beats Samneric Roger
Is killed when a boulder hits him Piggy
Hangs on a stick and grins at Simon Lord of the Flies
Expects a “good show” from British boys Naval Officer
Cries when he realizes the “darkness of man’s heart” Simon

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